Intus Windows Offers CE Credits For Architects

Intus Windows is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of super efficient windows and doors. Its products meet the rigorous German Passive House standards for residential and commercial buildings. Intus is now expanding its marketing area to America and offering US architects the opportunity to earn valuable continuing education credits while attending its presentations and seminars around the country. It even has distance learning programs available.

According to EIN News, the presentations look at market trends within the energy efficient glazing industry and architects are brought into the discussion about the components that make up energy efficient glazing assemblies. The seminars introduce them to emerging technologies that can make the buildings they design even more energy efficient. Case studies of energy efficient windows in commercial and residential applications are also presented to outline the possibilities of using these types of assemblies in mainstream markets.

“Nowadays, energy efficiency is an important topic in the construction industry, and it is our pleasure to educate architects on how to improve their building envelopes by using energy efficient glazing assemblies,” says Aurimas Sabulis, the company’s managing director.

According to the Efficient Windows Collaborative, modern windows not only reduced heating and cooling costs, they make living spaces more comfortable, reduce condensation, lower the amount of sun fading on furniture and furnishings and allow more light into interior spaces while improving our view of the outdoors. These are features every customer wants his architect to include in all current and future projects.


Source | Images: Intus Energy Efficient Windows.