HIDEAGATE is a Sleek, Simple Home Gate Solution

When building a new home, you need to make spaces for the kids and pets in the family. And making sure they are safe and secure is a concern of any parent.

The HIDEAGATE gate solution is an innovative model that allows you to section off stairs or rooms in the home in a way that is simple and sleek.

Rather than a bulky plastic gate that needs to be moved around and repositioned each time you need to put it in use, the HIDEAGATE solution is actually built into the wall cavity. This means the gate is out of way when needed, and super sturdy when in use.

HIDEAGATE was born from homebuilding Drew Walling, who needed a solution for his own home. He’s since made HIDEAGATE its own entity, and will be growing the brand in coming years.

The HIDEAGATE Solution

The HIDEAGATE indoor gate is a sleek steel structure, and is as high-quality as it is functional. Now homebuilders and architects can offer the state-of-the-art HIDEAGATE solution to customers.

  • Made with 14-gauge steel tubing and is powder coated.
  • Can be installed alone or in conjunction with a pocket door or a swinging door.
  • Adjusts to fit 32”, 36” and 48” openings (most standard door frames).
  • Includes a universal bracket to fit left-hand or right-hand install application.
  • Installs on a 2’x4′ or 2’x6’ wall. See the 2’x6′ installation video here

Using HIDEAGATE means that your kids and/or pets can be safely cordoned off without feeling separated, but when not in use it is not seen, thus does not interfere with décor. The cost for this simple built-in solution is $850. You can learn more about their plans for integrating HIDEAGATE into the home here.

This post has been sponsored by HIDEAGATE; images from company

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