Here’s Looking at Composting Waterless Toilets

For those considering building without a septic tank or access to a sewer line, it might be time to look at composting alternatives, especially if putrid smells can be avoided.  Swedish-based BioLet has manufactured waterless toilets for 35 years and indicates odor is not a problem, especially in Sweden where waterless toilet systems are required in many places. Here, the average American uses 7,665 gallons of water each year just flushing the toilet.

Just a few years ago mention of a composting toilet brought far more in the way of frowns than applause. As Peter Andersson, BioLet USA’s president pointed out in a press release, “People would go, “A what toilet…?!?” You either quickly changed the subject, or went into an ever-lasting explanation about what it is, how it works and especially why on earth anybody would want to have a toilet that doesn’t flush. Things are changing.”

That is certainly true for the number of shopping options that exist today. Try an Internet toilet mall, for instance, called which offer a variety of composting toilets including Sun-mar and Biolet brands. The green toilets use little water and are designed to help the environment while reducing your water bill.

Another waterless toilet retailer, contends that a composting toilet is the most economical, convenient and environmentally friendly way to process toilet wastes when you can’t connect to a sewer or septic system, or in areas of water shortage.”

As BioLet’s website states, “These days, waterless toilets – and toilets that use less water – have become very common; in some areas they are even considered a necessity. Waterless urinals can be found at many airports or sport arenas, and people are gradually becoming more educated about wise water usage. “

The principle is very simple. Human waste is transformed into a dry, odorless material that can easily be disposed of, or even recycled back to the earth. The toilet consists of various control mechanisms that guarantee an odor free operation and let’s the proud owner of a BioLet appreciate the benefits of having a fully functional toilet while doing his or her part to protect their nation’s precious water resources.

For more information, BioLet’s video archive provides much worth watching.

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