Yes, you can polish old concrete, and this is one of the most effective ways of restoring its appearance. However, polishing old concrete has some challenges that you rarely see in newer concrete. In most cases, old concrete was leveled by hand, which can leave inconsistencies in depth. Older concrete may also be of lower overall quality, and if not properly surfaced, it could have more or deeper stains that you can’t get out with a simple cleaning. You may have to accept stains on the surface of your concrete, though in some cases you can hide them by using a colored sealant and making your whole floor a similar hue. Polishing old concrete may also require additional passes to level the floor and achieve your desired sheen. Finally, many types of old concrete are softer than the options companies offer today. You may need to add a densifier at the start of your grinding process, then again before your final polishing, to achieve sufficient sturdiness throughout.