Halloween Special: a Prefab Zombie Fortress


Happy Halloween, kids! It’s the one time of year when being excited about seeing zombies waddling down your street on a dimly lit and blustery night seems passably normal. For those of you who view zombies with horror, however, it may be well past time to start thinking about your home defenses- luckily, Tiger Log Cabins has you covered with a pre-fabricated, zombie proof cabin!

It’s called the ZFC-1, and it comes with a garage to keep your bug out vehicle ready, a storage room for food and weapons, and a larger, two-story structure containing bunks, a kitchen, a living room, and a gym so you can keep fighting fit when the SHTF.


Zombie Cabin Floorplan


Each of the ZFC-1’s prefab structures features a pair of lockable doors, and the living unit also sports a rooftop terrace that offer a 360-degree view killing field. Perfect, in other words, for when the undead start clawing their way out of your lawn … assuming, you know, you have a bunch of dead people buried under the sod in your lawn.

You sicko.

You can check out Tiger’s “guaranteed”, bullet-point sales pitch and see more of the ZFC-1 cabin in the photo gallery, below, and let us know what you think of this olive-green bug out shack in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


Zombie Fortification Cabin (ZFC-1)

Get yours before they get you! Exclusive – The world’s first and only certified* Zombie Proof Log Cabin. The zombie apocalypse is coming …

  • Upper deck with 360deg vantage point + escape hatch
  • Re-enforced slit windows, walls and doors
  • Barbed wire surround
  • Arsenal storage unit for weaponry
  • Garden Section to grow vegetables
  • Toilet System
  • Kitchen Area with Microwave
  • Living area with TV, Xbox and Sound system Turntables





Lounge 01

Gym 01




Source | Images: Tiger Log Cabins, via Gizmag.