Guest Post: Using Stacked Stone to Make Your Office Sleek and Professional

No office decor motif stands out like the smooth face of stacked stone. The multicolored layers of earth tones create a natural feel of warmth and simplicity, projecting your decorating taste across three dimensions. No matter what the outlay of a room, the veneer pillars of cut stone immediately draw attention once someone steps in the door. Though more expensive in comparison to other, cheaper decoration choices there is no backdrop that makes an office look more compelling and attractive than stacked stone.

Create an Image

Several different color schemes permit customers to design their office according to a preferred shade. Often times, these panels follow one of four separate primary colors meant to hold the viewer’s gaze in several different ways. Imagine how each color could best be used for your office, to woo clients, to sooth patients, or to create a sense of gravity to your profession.

Choose From an Array of Colors

The ochre blend color palate imitates the look of a slice of a mountain, brought into your own office. These natural stone veneers create an image of rugged dependability, the earth tones mimicking a cliff face. For a cool and serious look, dark charcoal black stone appears solid, creating a sense of control. The creamy ivory stones, cut from sheer quartz, appear like a warm yellow, light and fluffy on the eyes. Finally, a cut of white quartz appears proud and resolute. How best you choose your color scheme depends on your professional style and approach to handling business. Every stone veneer is cut individually so that no two approaches strike the viewer in the same way.

Measure and Cut

A single stone will typically have one of three different cuts. A standard panel runs six inches tall and twenty-four inches wide. The cuts are glued together so that they are easy to break down, transport, and then install in a home or office setting. Each slab weighs in at about twelve pounds per square feet. An oversize panel, for colors or designs that have minimalistic contrasts, will be approximately twice as large as the regular. Whether you get the regular or oversize panels, you get by the box (four square feet) or by the crate. A full tile, finally, is cut nine times to create each twelve inches by one inch stone. These weigh about seven pounds. The stacked stone panels are not made of uniquely cut stone but rather designed to be easily interlocked.

Build to Your Own Specifications

Where could you put stacked stone veneers in your office? The answer is anywhere you desire. They can be fitted to the interior or the exterior of a cement board, attached onto brick or concrete blocks and steel. While they cannot be supported by drywall, they can easily be installed on any suitable foundation. Once they are set and waterproofed, they require no upkeep or maintenance for their lifetimes. You do not need to hire an expert in order to install one. To get stacked stone from the show floor to your office, all that is necessary is to haul the material and apply thinset with a trowel, making sure that the stone is level and clean.

Where to Use Stacked Stone

While these stacked stone veneers should not be used for paving, they can survive a lot of abuse. They are fully waterproof and can complement an aquarium or pool. Since they are sealed, they cannot stain carpets or walls. They can even be used as the outward face of a wall fire.

Author Bio: Andrew Deen writes and blogs in the areas of home and office improvement and DIY projects. This article was designed to explain different options of upgrading an office space, using quality materials such as Norstone office interior.

Photo credits: Norstone