Guest Post: Turn Your New Real Estate Green for Big Money and Eco-Awareness Benefits

Want to create eco-awareness with your new piece of real estate? Eco-friendly hardware and pieces are going to be your best option. Apart from creating awareness, green installations would also increase the value of the location, luring in attractive offers if you sell it in the future. They’ll also curb your bills and reduce the carbon footprint.

Here are some hardware options you can consider:

1. Double-pane windows and fiberglass doors

In commercial and residential real estate, windows and door leaks can lead to a lot of energy consumption. These leaks can be in the form of air going in and out, which would reduce the effect of an air conditioner or heater. Consider investment in double-pane windows that come with a thin layer of silver and prevent any air from coming in. However, light is able to come in with ease. For doors, consider replacing the old ones with new fiberglass doors.

2. Eco-friendly air conditioner and heat pumps

Eco-friendly air-conditioning units come with two-stage compressors that are built with smart technology, leading to more compression on hot days and less on cool days, saving energy in the process. Geothermal heat pumps can also be considered. They capitalize on the natural heat of the earth, and can be 50 percent more efficient than conventional conditioning units. Heat pumps are known to cut down energy bills.

3. Low or non-VOC paints

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These compounds are toxic in nature, and can lead to health problems. The eco-friendly alternatives include VOC-free paints and finishes. However, you can also go for low-VOC paints and lacquers, but they aren’t entirely free from toxic chemicals. Non-VOC paints would be your best option.

4. Water management installations

Watersheds near your location may receive too many nutrients from rainwater runoff. To reduce water runoff, rain barrels can be installed. Rain barrels are going to catch the water, and you’ll also have the option to direct the water to the lawn or garden. For reducing water wastage in toilets, the option of low-flow and composing toilets is available for water conservation and reduction of waste.

5. Eco-friendly insulation

Eco-friendly insulation can come in the form of recycled materials. For example, cotton insulation can come from a recycled old scrap of jeans. Newspaper is used in cellulose insulation, leading to blow-in cellulose. After the process, the walls can be sprayed easily. Cellulose insulation is better than any other form at preventing airflow, and health concerns aren’t attached. Portable storage containers may come in handy if you want to keep an old pair of denims or newspaper for recycled materials.

6. Solar Power

By absorbing heat from the sun, solar power units curb gas and electricity usage by providing warm air and water. Using solar energy is a good way to reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy sources and production of greenhouse gases. Solar power systems will save the up-front installation costs over the long-term.

By considering these options, you would be creating awareness and increasing the value of your property.

Author: Anna Kay Hicks

Photo: New apartments in eco-friendly greenbelt from Shutterstock