Guest Post: Top 6 Useful and Portable Solar-Energy Powered Products

Have you missed an important call or appointment because while shopping all day long your cellphone runs out of battery and there’s no available electric outlet wherein you can recharge it?  Have you ever wished you can bring your electric outlet (at home) to your camping site so that you will have no problems cooking your favorite camping foods?  These situations are often encountered by a lot of people as we are all dependent on our electric-powered outlets.  But, there’s actually a simple solution to these problems – solar energy.

As solar energy-powered devices are becoming less expensive, more and more people can now afford them, thus triggering the rise of portable solar-powered products that can be used anytime and anywhere.  Take a look at these six useful and portable solar-energy powered “gadgets” which can set you free from your long-time dependency of an electric outlet.

1.  USB Solar Battery Charger for Mobile Cell Phone

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This solar-powered cellphone charger is considered as an eco-friendly device.  Aside from recharging cellphones, it can also power up other small devices such as MP3 or MP4 players and Bluetooth headsets.  Its current price at Amazon is only $15.90.

2.  Solar Cooker Sun Oven

[/caption]This is currently priced at $299.99 in Safe and Ready Life.  This solar-powered cooker is ideal for camping and cooking foods outdoors.  It has a spill-proof levelator which helps you avoid food spilling, built-in thermometer, and self-contained focusing leg.

3.  Solar-powered Portable Fan

This tent harnessed the energy from the sun to light its interior during the night.    It is priced on at $265 – 350.  It is waterproof and can accommodate 3 – 4 persons. It is ideal for camping and other outdoor activities.

5.  Solar-Powered Portable Lantern

This Eco Traveler Solar Backpack functions similarly to portable solar-powered chargers.  It conveniently allows travelers or people on the go to charge their devices such as their iPhone, iPod, cellphone, PDA, and the like.  Its built-in flexible solar panel powers an internal battery which can constantly recharge your devices while they are kept inside its pockets.  It is currently priced in Wal-Mart at $118.89.

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