Guest Post: Tips to Keep Your Backyard Eco-Friendly

By now we should all be aware of the fact that going green need not cost more or reduce your standard of living. Being good to the environment means being good to ourselves, yet many people who are quite eco conscience inside the house fail to realize that the backyard is an area where your eco friendliness can really come to the fore.

Water is a resource that is depleting all over the world. By reducing the amount of grass in your yard you will reduce water consumption. Even if you do not reduce your lawn size, you should replace your wasteful and inefficient sprinklers with drip lines that are more beneficial to your plants and your pocket.

Integrate the use of your gray water from the house to your backyard is also resourceful and environmentally responsible. Even if your plumbing has not been built-in this manner, you can manually use at least part of your gray water in this manner.

Similarly, when you minimize your lawn you will require less use of pesticides and your lawnmower, which will further benefit the environment. Where possible, plant trees that are in keeping with the climate and environment where you live. For those of you living in Arizona, there is a reason why cacti thrive in the desert.

Of course, instead of using pesticides, go natural. For example, ladybugs and lacewing flies provide the benefits of pesticides without the adverse effects. Similarly, instead of using synthetic fertilizers, use compost. It is healthier, cheaper, and reduces your trash footprint.

Using the sun via solar power is a cheap, clean, and efficient source of energy. Solar garden lights do not cost much money to buy and even less money to operate. If you live in a sunny climate, they are a compulsory acquisition. Another clean source of power is gas. Why burn coal when you can run your barbeque on gas? Gas is cleaner and healthier than gas and you don’t have to waste time trying to light those pesky coals.

Have you thought about what you are going to sit on when in your yard? Recycled outdoor furniture either in the form of new furniture built from natural and eco-friendly materials such as rattan is ideal but so is buying used furniture and giving it another life in your yard. The choice is yours but either way you’re a winner.

And remember, an eco-friendly backyard is also a safe and tidy backyard. Storage sheds are a handy and convenient way to help you achieve this end.

As you can see, an eco-friendly backyard is not hard to achieve, all you need is the desire and a little forethought.

Author: Sharon Robinson