Guest Post: Tips for Finding a Cheaper & Greener Energy Supplier in the NSW Area

There are plenty of energy and electricity suppliers in the NSW (New South Wales) area, and sometimes this can make the decision process little bit harder. 

But keeping in mind the things that are important to you like greener, cleaner energy can help to keep you focused and on task when it comes to choosing an energy provider.  The assumption with going green when it comes to energy and electricity is that it is going to cost an arm and a leg.  And it is true that green energy oftentimes costs more.  That is because the production of cleaner energy is usually more involved, at least initially.  But improvements and rapid developments in green technologies mean costs of green energy are coming down, and because governments recognize the importance of supporting and encouraging steps that individuals take towards a sustainable future, it is possible to get green energy subsidized in many countries.

In countries where energy – green or otherwise – is expensive, finding ways to keep costs down is extremely important to most people.  Australian energy prices are much higher than the energy rates in many other countries, and this makes going green with respect to electricity a hurdle for many.  But while it may take some forethought and in some cases some effort, going green and keeping costs down is possible. 

Energy Suppliers NSW – What Are Your Options

There are plenty of electricity providers in the NSW area and there are several websites that will help you to compare prices, plans, and plan options in order to find the best one to fit your budget and your energy needs.  When you start looking for the right energy supplier, make sure to find out whether or not, in addition to cheap electricity, they have affordable green options. 

Green energy costs more to produce, so chances are green energy plans will cost more.  Do not let this deter you, there are ways to go green and still save.

Compare Plans & Green Solutions

Look for companies that offer reliable service in your area and ask about their options regarding renewable energy and electricity.  You have a few options when it comes to taking the initiative and going green with your electricity needs.  You can switch to an energy plan that is greener and more efficient from your same provider, or you can look into opportunities to invest in green energy solutions like solar panels, or wind or water systems that can harness the energy from these natural resources in your area, and then convert the energy to electricity that will heat and power your home. 


There are several energy and electricity suppliers willing to compete for your business and it is possible to get better deals by comparison shopping.  In order to keep or acquire your business, energy suppliers will sometimes be willing to negotiate with you.  You can get discounts for signing a minimum contract, then benefit from rewards packages and credits for signing up, for on time payments, or for putting gas and electric on the same bill.  All of these discounts and incentives are worth paying attention to in order to find the package and the electricity plan that is right for you.  Because energy is expensive, all of these things can make a difference in helping you save.  It may seem like a hassle initially to compare plans and electricity rates, but when your bill comes, you will be glad you took the time to find cheap electricity.

Take Advantage of Electricity Buy Back Programs

When you interview possible energy suppliers, ask them about the energy buy-back options available in your area.  Government feed-in tariffs help to subsidize green energy production costs for people who choose to implement green energy production technologies to produce their own energy and electricity.  If you can invest in installing solar panels or small wind or water turbines, any excess energy produced will feed back into the grid and offset your own energy bill.  Programs like these prove that going green and working towards a sustainable future really is a common goal.  Getting on board with green technologies sooner rather than later can save you money. 

Remember That Green Living & Savings Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Ultimately, you need to take the time to compare prices, take a closer look at contracts, and decide which energy company can help you to work towards your green electricity goals in a cost-effective way that works with your budget.  Do not get bogged down by the options, more options means more chances for you to find better deals.  And remember that there are plenty of ways to get creative and go green on a budget.

Theresa Stanton is a freelance writer and editor.  She enjoys writing articles that help consumers to make informed decisions that combine saving money and sustainable, green living options.  She has researched many cheap electricity options available to households that make green energy a priority.   

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