Guest Post: Tips For A Successful Green Home Design

The importance of energy conservation has been emphasized all over the world, especially during these hard economic times, when it can be difficult to prioritize new eco-friendly upgrades. So many people are always looking for the possible ways of saving cash on their utility bills while still getting enough energy to run and manage various tasks in their homes or business establishments.


flower garden shutterstock_133557512For this reason, it has become increasingly important to learn the basic tips for achieving a green home design and other forms of sustainable living standards. A good example is the installation of green roofs to increase the efficiency of a particular building and the photovoltaic panels.

Apart from the installation of green roofs, there are several other great ideas that can help you achieve a green design for your home:


If you live in a cold environment, you probably know how important it is to have a regular supply of heat in your home. However, the use of wood has always been one of the greatest reasons why deforestation is at its highest level, especially in cold areas. This can be substituted by using natural gas fireplaces to avoid burning of wood and releasing toxic substances into the air.

You can also install solar panels as the ultimate green home design strategy that helps you save money on your utility bills while creating additional energy for domestic consumption. Even though these solar panels might seem quite expensive, they normally come with numerous financial benefits for their users in form of lower utility bills.

Water Heating Systems

According to a recent research, the installation of energy-efficient water heaters plays a crucial role in reducing the overall utility bills. It is estimated that this strategy reduces the total energy bill by more than 50% percent and better still, you will never run out of hot water for domestic consumption. You should also bear in mind that some of these eco-friendly appliances are quite expensive but when you consider their numerous environmental and energy conservation benefits, you will realize that they are worth the cash.

Bathroom Designs

When selecting the best designs for the bathroom, most people normally focus on the showers, taps and lighting system. However, picking the right bathroom vanities is normally one of the most challenging tasks for any homeowner. There are so many vanity designs that can be used, but this depends on the general layout of that particular building.

For example, you are free to choose the modern or conventional designs depending on your tastes and preference policies and the general appearance of your home. Each of these designs require great architectural skills to install and for this reason, you should always work hand in hand with a professional interior design company.


In most cases, the furniture plays a crucial role in complementing the appearance of the entire home. Energy conservation experts recommend the use of bamboo, teak, rattan and recycled wood as the best alternatives for an eco-friendly home design. As for the painting, it is advisable to use special types of paints that are free from volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs.

Also, the use of natural paints such as plant oils, mineral and extracts are highly recommended. If you choose other ordinary types of paints, you should always be keen on the VOC concentration level. Try as much as you can to select the zero-VOC paint or the low-VOC concentration option.

Author: Anna Kay Hicks

Photo: Landscaped flower garden from Shutterstock

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