Guest Post: Seasonal Landscaping

Landscaping is not limited to those with the green thumb or professional gardeners. It can be done by anyone even if you have no experience in gardening. A good eye for space and scale, a dash of creativity, and a touch of color are all you need to create a beautiful landscape. There are many ways you can make your yard look attractive and vibrant at any given season. Here are some ideas you can explore for your garden.

Winter Landscaping

Just because everything you see is white and gray doesn’t mean you have to apply the same to your garden. Winter is an almost leaf-less season but if you have ornamental trees with very distinct barks such as birch trees and dogwoods your landscape can still look lively. You can also have berries in your yard. A lot of trees have berries that hold onto its branches even during winter. Holly and Crabapple trees look lovely with berries on it. Evergreens are the best winter landscape shrub you can have. This is because evergreens come in different colors like gold, blue, and many more! Since winter is not really a plant season, it’s a great season to decorate your garden structures such as benches, trellis, garden sculpture, or arbour.

Fall Landscaping

Fall is a colorful season so it’s the best time to take advantage of the various shades and hues that nature has to offer. Japanese maples can brighten any yard. Its pink shoots come out during winter then it turns into orange, green, and yellow before dropping when fall season comes. Lamarcki Serviceberry is pretty fall foliage. Its oval leaves are bronze which turn into red during fall. You can also go for container gardens to spruce up your landscape. Plant coppery autumn ferns, red-twig dogwoods, heavenly bamboo, and amber waves in your pots and just randomly arrange them in your yard. The vibrant colors from these plants are more than enough to create a splendid landscape.

Spring Landscaping

Make your garden look more effervescent with flowers that bloom in spring. Pink roses in your picket fence, coupled with purple salvia and Chartreuse lady’s mantle will spell sophisticated loveliness in your garden. Attractive orange lilies will also add some pop to your garden. When you have purple salvias beside it, the complementary colors will bring out life and energy in your otherwise ordinary yard.  To have a continuous bloom to your spring garden go for Rudbeckia and hydrangea.

Summer Landscaping

Summer is all about outdoors. If you have a bare wall in your yard, you can plant young geraniums to give a splash of summer color in your garden. Simply plant the geraniums in terra-cotta pots then hang them on your yard walls! Coneflower is a great summer bloom. It’s a perennial foliage that comes in orange, white, pink, and yellow. Fill your yard with yellow dahlias and classic zinnias (Magellan Coral in particular) to complete the summer feel in your garden.

Regardless of the season, you can create a lovely and inviting atmosphere in your garden. A simple landscape speaks volumes to the overall ambiance of your home. It doesn’t take much to come up with a great landscape. All you need are the right trees and shrubs at the right season. Remember, nature has its way of arranging itself and being beautiful by just being there.

Author bio:
Lee Otto is a Landscaping enthusiast who owned a Lees Landscapes. Lee Started his company with one crew, a Bobcat and truck and trailer. Over the last 13 years Lee’s landscaping has evolved to become one of the Twin Cities premiere Landscape Design Build firms.

Photo: Lee’s Landscaping