Guest Post: Protect your Garden Waste and Rubbish from Vermin with a Sturdy Garden Bin

Is your garden waste  or rubbish attracting foxes and vermin to your home?  Are you worried that, perhaps, these unwanted critters will find their way to your yard where you store your rubbish?  There are a few things you can do to prevent your area from attracting unwanted and unhealthy pests.  By investing in a sturdy garden bin to hold your organic waste and taking care to reduce your waste through effective methods, you can increase the likelihood of enjoying a pest-free home and backyard!

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Why Do You Need a Sturdy Bin?

Unfortunately, many local councils and villages do not provide the wheelie bins needed to effectively store organic rubbish.  Instead, they provide green bags which can attract rodents to your rubbish area.  When you purchase an exterior bin from a company such as ImRubbish, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your organic waste will be stored properly to bar against raccoons, foxes, rats, and other creatures that pray on the trash we get rid of.  A free-standing bin is quite popular and there are many colors to choose from.

While keeping away unwanted animals, you’ll find that the appearance of your home is enhanced.  Trash bags and green bags are easily broken into by pests that invade your rubbish area.  However, a sturdy bin doesn’t allow for these messy break-ins that leave rubbish lying all around for the homeowner to clean up.

Warding Off Pests

Messes aside, rodents are unhealthy to have around your home and they can definitely be attracted by the scent of garbage.  While there’s always the fear that one will get into the home and breed a fantastic disaster indoors, they are a definite nuisance outdoors.  Historic plague carriers, rats breed quickly (like mice) and bite.  They are well-known disease carriers.  If you have children that play outside around your home, you certainly can’t have a rodent problem.  You also want to protect your garden from rodent infestations.  They can bite into the same plants and vegetables you were hoping to bring into your kitchen!  Hiring an exterminator can be expensive and organic methods to control them can be hit or miss.  Even if you manage to get rid of a season’s worth of creatures, if you don’t get to the root of the problem–the rubbish that is attracting them–they’ll be back and you’ll have to deal with a chronic pest problem.

Cutting Down on Rubbish

While a sturdy bin is essential, you can also help curb a potential pest problem by dramatically reducing your waste.  If you put fewer food scraps in the garbage, there is going to be a reduced attraction for vermin and other pests.  Wasting less food is not only a smart eco-friendly practice, it’s one that will keep your rubbish vermin-free.  There are several ways you can reduce the organic matter you toss in your bin.  First, instead of throwing out leftover food, freeze them and eat another day.  By cooking what you only plan to eat you can also eliminate the potential for waste.  Try to incorporate left-overs or unfinished ingredients into other meals.  You’ll find that you’re not only eating more responsibly, you’ll save money on groceries too!

Install a Compost Bin

There is a lot of organic matter that can be composted and turned into rich organic material for your garden.  Installing a compost bin allows you to safely transform your organic scraps into helpful garden matter.  Many homeowners even prefer to build such bins.  While you must take care to avoid composting meat scraps, which will definitely attract pests, you can compost many items you might ordinarily throw away like egg shells, coffee grinds, and vegetable peels.  When you compost correctly in a study bin that bars creatures from getting in, you’ll find that this is a great way to recycle unwanted rubbish.

For a pest-free home, be sure to purchase sturdy rubbish bins for your waste and also take care to reduce that waste.  These two things alone will dramatically reduce your risk of attracting unhealthy vermin to your home and rubbish area.  Moreover, tell your neighbors to do the same so that together you can keep your street vermin-free!  If you currently have a pest problem, there’s no time to waste!  Get a sturdy bin right away and give those pests no reason to stay around your home any longer!

Author: Tim Brown is an experienced gardener. He enjoys blogging about practical ways of caring for plants and garden space.

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