Guest Post: How Green is Your Office?

Companies are catching onto the fact that going green makes them more popular, and it is something worthy of talking about in various forms such as press releases. It adds to the company image and can now be a big deal breaker when people are considering purchases and hiring for services. So the question is; what can you do to make your office more environmentally friendly?

Some of the approaches to saving energy are dismissed as we function on autopilot for various activities throughout the day. One very easy technique to apply is not over-filling the kettle when making teas or coffees; this saves you a lot of energy when you look at the number of people using the kettle.

Lighting is the next easiest one to address as you can easily switch out the incandescent lights for fluorescent ones. This saves an enormous amount of money in a relatively short space of time and makes you even more eco-friendly as a company. When the opportunity arises when the office is empty it is well worth taking this simple step so you can start saving energy.

Having office plants may not seem like a way to save energy but it brightens up the office, recycles the air and makes for happier staff. They are low upkeep and don’t use excessive amounts of water so could you ditch the air con for some plants?

If you are moving offices in the near future then you should consider the possibility of an ecological office. Ecological offices are popping up all over the place, and are built with recycled materials, green insulation like Thermafleece and topped off with the almighty eco-friendly addition of rooftop solar panels. Sustainable buildings like these are worth thinking about; the hard work is already done and you get to reap the rewards once it is yours.

Achieving green office status isn’t the easiest goal, but it is meaningful and well worth pursuing in business for a number of reasons, including reducing cash flow and appealing to eco-savvy consumers. Some techniques as discussed are easy to implement and are a good starting point as you experiment with the turning green project. The hardest part is maintaining enthusiasm for this goal and regularly keeping your eye on the latest green news and opportunities. Evaluating your current office is the first step to going green. How green is your office?

Tom Clark actively writes on a variety of topics surrounding mobile technology, including mobile workforce management.

Image credit: Torress21