Guest Post: Green Tech for Your Home

The word green has become synonymous with intelligent decision and design; something that identifies you with caring about the environment. What’s interesting is when we combine green with technology. Ways we can conserve, improve, salvage and enjoy our surroundings, while making life a little easier and maybe a tad more fun.

The following list contains gadgets and devices that are not only eco-friendly; they’re smart, fun, economical and outright brilliant.

Marley Get Up Stand Up home audio system

Everyone loves their iPod and iPhones, not only for their ability to play what we want, when we want – – but because of the seemingly unlimited peripherals available. Not only does this docking speaker system look hot, it’s eco-friendly. It uses Birch wood, has 1-inch tweeters, high-end dual woofers and an impressive kickin’ bass. Not only does the Marley sound good, the sexy, slim curves makes it look good.

Voltaic Solar Laptop Charger

The thing I love most about my laptop is being able to take it everywhere. The downside of any laptop, however, is the battery power. That’s why I absolutely love the Voltaic Solar Laptop Charger. This device supports a mobile office with 16 Watts of solar power. What does that mean? It means one hour in the sunlight gives you up to 45 minutes of laptop run time. It has a hard outer shell, with a very tough solar panel. The case fits up to a 17 inch MacBook Pro, comes with a 60 Watt hour battery pack and a plethora of attachments for tablets, cameras, cell phones and of course, laptops. It comes with 10 standard adapters, a USB port, USB cables and an additional five standard adapters just for cell phones. Once the Voltaic is at full power, you can charge most laptops twice and recharge smartphones up to eight times.

ASUS Bamboo Series notebooks

Okay, of all the products I’ve researched, this was one of my favorites. A laptop, made with bamboo. No, I’m not smoking anything, I’m dead serious. Think about how smart this is—bamboo is an amazing plant, uses very little water, can be grown easily, it’s pest resistant and strong. Wait, there’s more. A bamboo laptop can actually make ownership a deeply personal one. The more you touch the natural fibers with your hands, it alters the color over time. Now that’s harmony between nature and technology.

Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger

Did you know that you pay for electricity, even when a device is turned off? That’s right—your microwave, lamps, TV and more, suck juice from the wall, even if they’re not on. That also goes for your iPhones and Micro USB devices as they sit there, fully charged. Enter the mighty mushrooms. We already know that our smart phones are power hogs, constantly needing to be recharged. Now we can control it. The mushroom green zero shuts off when your phone is fully charged, stopping the juice drain. It’s $35 for the iPhone version and only $30 for micro USB devices.

Nest Thermostat

I don’t personally know of anyone who hasn’t been frustrated with their thermostat. That is about to change. If you haven’t heard of Nest, check it out. It’s the future of smart energy savings. This sleek little device asks you a few simple questions when installed and then it starts learning. About you, about your heating habits, timing, etc; and it builds a schedule. When only 11 percent of programmable thermostats are used to save energy, Nest makes the difference. It even has a mobile app that allows you to control your thermostat from your smart phone.

Real-Time Power Cost Monitor

While we’re talking about saving money when it comes to utilities, how would you like to save up to $.18 on every dollar you spend for electricity? You can do this by having real time feedback on how much electricity your home uses. The Real-Time Power Costs Monitor doesn’t require an electrician, can be programmed with local utility rates, has a 100-foot range and can even tell you how much a specific appliance sucks in electricity.

Philips Eco Smart LED TV 46PFL6806K

Last, but not least, we need to include a little entertainment. Phillips has designed an amazing, full HD 1080p Eco-Smart LED TV. This television has brilliant detail and clarity, with incredible contrast. What better way to enjoy the online world than with a dynamic Smart TV? You can control the TV with your smart phone, keyboard or tablet, enjoy photos, music and movies—with access to a huge selection of online apps. Its green features include: a zero watt power switch, a 2-in-1 stand for easy use on a table or to mount on the wall, a solar rechargeable remote and it has an energy class A++.

What tech gadgets have you switched to that save you on energy costs?

Photo by  Chris Reynolds.

Author Bio: Dwayne Thomas is a tech enthusiast and staff writer for  He welcomes your feedback on Twitter @DwayneThomas15.