Guest Post: Going Green Can Save Your Business Cash

For many businesses the economic situation of the last few years may have proved testing in a number of ways. However, one way that money could be saved and a brighter future secured is by going green. Here are a few ways this might be achieved and the good news is that many of the changes are easy to implement and needn’t cost the earth.

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Sort out the central heating

During the summer months it’s easier to be economical with central heating usage, but during the long, cold days of winter it’s likely it’ll be left on much of the time. This can, of course, lead to higher-than-expected bills. One way to combat this could be to arrange a service that may form part of your boiler insurance. This will check that everything is running safely and will allow any faults to be fixed, which could result in greater efficiency. When the heating is on keep windows and doors closed to prevent warm air escaping and if things do get a little bit toasty then turn down the thermostat.

Unplug and turn off electrical items when not in use

It may seem like common sense but some people forget that a plugged-in laptop will continue to drain power after it’s fully charged. The same is true of mobile phone chargers, so make sure they’re unplugged or turned off at the power switch. It might also prove useful to encourage staff to fully shut down their PCs at the end of the working day, rather than leaving them on standby.

Turn out the lights

While you may not want to sit in darkness, it could be worth thinking about making better use of natural light and only using light bulbs when they’re really needed. This could mean checking to make sure they aren’t left on in empty rooms or after hours. Why not also make the switch to energy-saving bulbs or for further savings install sensors to dim areas where no one is active. It has previously been suggested this could cut 15 percent from lighting costs.

Insulate your building

One way to slash energy bills, beyond the work carried out as part of your boiler cover is to effectively insulate the building. This will prevent heat escaping and could save you cash.  Why not look to tackle the roof first?  Heat rises and, therefore, escapes this way most easily. When winter hits, frozen or burst pipes can cause all sorts of problems, so it may be wise to minimise the risk by lagging pipes and insulating the boiler. Fitting a British Standard jacket will reduce heat loss by 75 percent and likely produce savings that outweigh that in a relatively short timeframe.

Encourage online meetings

It’s becoming increasingly easy to conduct meetings and conferences without needing to travel to meet the other party. While sometimes this may prove beneficial to the discussions on other occasions a conference call or Skype may do the job just as well. The plus points include lower travel expenses and increased staff productivity due to the time saved on travelling.

Send an email rather than print

Documents can easily be shared online so think twice before printing off multiple copies for staff. An email may suffice, or if you prefer look at hosting the documents on a shared area so they can be accessed whenever they are required.

Author: Dan Whiteside

Graphic: Globe on green background from Shutterstock