Guest Post: Go Green by Reducing Water Wastage in Your Bathroom

With the earth’s resources becoming increasingly strained it’s more important than ever before to think about how each of us can help. Reducing the amount of wasted water each household is responsible for is one way to make a difference. The place where the biggest difference can be made in your household is in the bathroom. Here are a few quick tips on how to reduce water wastage in your bathroom today.

  1. Leaking pipes and taps are easy to ignore but they do contribute quite a bit to your wastage total. Don’t delay it any longer. Replace old pipes and washers in taps and if need be, replace the entire faucet.
  2. Another fixture that is worth replacing if it’s pre-1993 is the toilet. Toilets gobble up massive amounts of water and by updating yours to a newer, low-volume option you could save as much as 70 percent compared to the older toilets that can use up to 18 litres per flush. In fact, dual-flush options are a very simple way to save water and so every home should have them fitted. When you add a new toilet to your bathroom not only do you reduce water wastage, you gain the enjoyment of a more modern look in your home.
  3. We all know we should take shorter showers to save on water; in addition to that we should install a water-saving showerhead. Showerheads dating back to pre-1992 will be wasting water compared to the options available today that are restricted to a flow of two and a half gallons a minute. If you’re not sure how old your showerhead is, why not update it anyway? There are a vast number of water-saving devices available and oftentimes these are subsidised by the government.
  4. Keep in mind that baths use a great deal of water so choose a shower instead whenever possible to reduce your water usage. If you do want to indulge in a relaxing bath every now and then, a great way to make use of all that water after you’ve finished is by taking buckets of it outside to water your garden.
  5. A little habit that can be hard to break is leaving the tap running whilst brushing your teeth. It takes some getting used to, but you’ll feel better knowing you can concentrate on clean teeth when the tap is turned off. If you leave the tap running and feel bad about the running water then you’ll likely rush and that’s no good for the health of your teeth and gums. Try using a small glass of water for rinsing teeth. You will find it’s effective and makes more efficient use of water.
  6. Another quick tip involves shaving. Instead of running the tap to rinse your blades, simply fill the hand basin with a little water. By doing this you still get the job done and won’t waste so much water.

There are many other ways to reduce water wastage in your home – look at the kitchen, laundry, even outdoors. With a little bit of creativity, lifestyle adjustment and determination, we can all help preserve the earth’s environment for longer happier lives for all of us.

Author Bio: Touseef Hussain is a media blogger who writes on Innovative and Designer Bathroom Furniture. He is passionate about interior decoration and his goal is to live a creative life and give the best advice for home and bathroom decoration to make things better and beautiful in a bathroom.  

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