GUEST POST: Five Benefits for Lighting Retrofits

This guest post is provided by Danielle Stewart, a lighting design expert and blogger. 

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According to figures published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, commercial lighting is second only to space heating in overall energy consumption in the business world and ranks first in electricity consumption. As a result, retrofitting office and manufacturing workspaces with energy efficient lighting solutions can significantly reduce corporate energy costs. These advanced lighting systems offer more than simple cost savings, and return on investment, however. Here are five major benefits of lighting retrofits for modern businesses.

  1. Enhanced Environmental Credentials – Companies that install energy-efficient light fixtures or bulbs can often increase their environmental friendly credentials in the competitive marketplace. This can provide a valuable selling point for companies when targeting more environmentally conscious consumers for their products and services.
  2. Increased employee productivity and safety – Statistics show that staff members are more productive in brightly lit surroundings. By retrofitting the office with efficient lighting, companies can often provide an environment more conducive to productivity without increasing their overall lighting costs. Well-lit areas offer increased visibility and are safer for employees and customers, reducing the likelihood of accident and injury in the workplace.
  3. More attractive office surroundings – Modern high-efficiency lighting solutions are more attractive than ever and are available in a wide range of styles and configurations to suit any office decor. Thanks to this increased range of choices, companies no longer need to sacrifice their interior design choices in order to implement energy efficient lighting solutions. Environmentally responsible lighting solutions can offer just as much eye appeal as traditional systems while saving money and energy into the bargain.
  4. Added comfort – A comprehensive lighting retrofit can provide staff and customers with a more comfortable environment. These lights produce much less heat than traditional systems and allow more efficient climate control during the hot summer months. Energy saving lighting solutions also put a greater emphasis on natural light, which offers a number of health benefits and typically causes less eyestrain than harsh outdated incandescent lighting systems.
  5. Long-term environmental benefits – Reducing corporate dependence on fossil fuels is essential in order to conserve these rapidly dwindling resources. Everyone benefits when companies decrease their carbon footprint; even the smallest business can do its part to help save energy and preserve the environment by investing in a cost-effective lighting retrofit.

Of course, the financial benefits of improved lighting should not be overlooked. Retrofitting office buildings, manufacturing space or retail stores with energy efficient lighting solutions has been proven time and time again to dramatically lower business operating costs.

About the author: Danielle Stewart has become increasingly interested in lighting retrofits and making energy efficient lighting information available to consumers. She blogs for [P-2], a commercial lighting manufacturer and the online source for lighting retrofit solutions.

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