Guest Post: Creating an Environmentally Friendly Man-Cave

Every man needs his cave, or should I say that every woman needs a place for her man to go?

Either way you want to put it; this is a space that benefits everyone involved.  So why not turn it into a fun project? Green was once the way of the future; no longer, it has become the way of the present. At least for those with an environmental conscience. When producing the perfect hideaway for your hubby, remember to keep with the times and go Green, if you haven’t already.

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It has been an observation that men are much more simple beings than women.  While this could be open for debate, it is likely that your hubby will have little to say about his cave so long as it has the essentials; furniture and electronics.  Add a little extra to get him involved by building a bar.  Give him some tools and some recycled wood and let his creativity roam. Don’t stop with the recycled wood, however. Invest in finding low-energy electronics; TV’s are an extremely high consumer of energy, but an essential part of this room. Buying a Panasonic plasma or a Sharp Aquos LCD Flat-Screen versus another option can help reduce energy.

Chances are he will leave the decorating up to you. If it’s up to him, you could end up with bare walls and a room that lacks in personality. For most women, this creates an eyesore and makes the home feel incomplete. The space may be his, but you will want some control over the final outcome.

Give your love a space with character.  Not your essence, his. You know what suits him. Use personal creations to give him the perfect room to do “man things”. Whether this means time away from you and the kids, or a guys’ night in. Make it a place he will be excited about, that is also appealing to your eyes and eco-friendly.

When choosing paint, make sure you find VOC-free paint in a color of his liking. Try to limit his choices, as this will alter the decor and the final outcome.  Not to mention, given too many choices, he may find it hard to make a decision you are satisfied with.

If your man’s cave requires curtains, make sure you go with an organic blend of fabric. Also, if a furniture purchase is required for this project, visit local thrift stores for good deals on used furniture or at the very least find something that is made from recycled materials.

If the space requires floor, resort back to recycled wood or carpeting. Recycled wood flooring will last much longer and has the benefits of easier clean up.  However, if carpeting is better suited for your space you also have many options there. No matter which route you go, you will be looking for recycled material.

Hopefully by now you are already using low wattage light bulbs to conserve energy, but if you aren’t, now is the time to start. Not only in your new room, but use them in every room. As they will not only save on your costs, but will save our environment a little bit at a time.

If you are a first-time green remodeler, just take your time and do your research. It will be well worth it in the end. Creating the perfect space is never easy, but can be fun and when you are environmentally conscious; you will feel even better about what you have accomplished. Don’t be scared off by additional upfront costs, as going green will save you in the long run. Also, if you have children; involve them in the process as their minds are like a sponge and they will not only soak up the knowledge, but also use it in the future. The domino effect is a happy healthy life for generations to come.

Author: Anna Kay Hicks

Art: Reclaimed building materials from Shutterstock