GUEST POST: Choosing the Right Type of Renewable Energy

You may believe wholeheartedly in renewable energy and the concept of sustainability that serves as the foundation stone. What kind of renewable energy in which you choose to invest, however, is quite another matter, especially if considering something like biomass. This guest post from the Enerfina in the UK might help with your understanding.

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There are in fact a number of renewable energy sources which can be utilized by homes and businesses in the UK, but not all of them can be used equally well under all circumstances. Intended usage and location are two of the primary factors to consider when looking for environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy.

Since the cost of providing electricity and heat is skyrocketing, more and more households and businesses are looking for renewable sources of energy which are not only cost-effective but environmentally sound. Nonetheless, choosing the right type of renewable energy for your needs is of vital importance.

The main types of energy which can be considered renewable are solar, wind, Hydro, geothermal and biomass. There is also another type of renewable energy, which is less commonly understood by the layperson and that is a mechanical heat recovery ventilation system.

When looking for renewable energy sources, these categories are the most commonly understood: solar, wind, and hydro (water). There are also other forms of renewable energy. Biomass energy is manufactured from anything organic that can be regenerated/re-grown, thus it is considered renewable. Hydropower can only be considered if there is a stream or river nearby, so that leaves biomass which is most readily available to the greatest number of homes and businesses. Depending on where you are located the choices you have will be limited. Also, some types of renewable energy are not cost-effective for producing electricity.

For example, wood burners are best for heating homes, businesses and hot water. For more information on renewable energy and to determine which product is best suited to your needs, check out the information provided at Enerfina.  You will also find details on government incentives  (UK) as they become available to help reduce the cost of transitioning to alternative energy.


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