Guest Post: When is the best time to purchase and install replacement windows

The number #1 reason why homeowners pay more

As any homeowner will know, maintaining the appearance and integrity of your home can be a demanding task, requiring hands-on application and extensive personal research to find not only the best products for your home, but also the most effective ways in which to apply them. Windows are no exception. The wide variety of styles and visual possibilities can be a bit overwhelming for both new and experienced homeowners alike. Though some prospects may seem daunting at first, it is a good idea to take your time and to avoid rushing your purchase.

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When improving your home, one of the most common mistakes is purchasing replacement windows at an inopportune time. Though many seasonal sales and commercial rushes can be appealing, the most recommended way to shop for replacement windows is when you are comfortable with experimenting with different design ideas at your own pace. As such, often the best time to buy replacement windows is during May and June, between the late spring and early summer. Fall can often be the worst time to shop for replacement windows because of the rush of people. This is when advertisers take advantage of the upcoming holidays and use them to promote sales. While sometimes the prices may be slightly below the standard, the shopping environment created by these rushes usually leaves shoppers feeling hurried and frustrated. Homeowners may even end up paying 20-25% more in the long run, despite the initial appeals of a quick discount, when things such as buyer’s remorse and seasonal use come to mind.


Ideally, the late spring is the best time to buy replacement windows because not only is it a generally more stress-free time, but this is when many new models and designs are introduced as well. Additionally, you get more out of the windows you purchase when your view is made better by the season. Brighter weather and more vibrant greenery outside your home can also influence the interior decor. When you have a time-frame and a budget planned, it is a good idea to start looking for the stylistic and functional features that you think would best complement your home.

What types of windows are there?

As with any decorative item, different styles will have different effects. Are you looking to showcase a particular item in your home or would you like for the window to be a centerpiece? Ease of access and functionality should also be considered, and if you’re shopping for the long term, it’s highly recommended to look into different materials for the framing and operational hardware. Generally wood is the most common material found for windows, though it must be maintained regularly, especially if the material is set for an exterior window and is exposed to the elements. Other options may include clad-wood, which is a central structure of wood with a layer of some other material, vinyl, or aluminum. Hardware varieties should be considered as well. Though most modern styles involve sliders or latch mechanisms to draw attention to the window, one may look into cranks and counterbalances, especially for homes that follow a more traditional atmosphere. The glass itself may be customized as well. Consider a sliding layer of tinted glass for the warmer months, especially if you plan on a more modern and minimalistic design that won’t utilize shades or blinds.

A final note

Comparing your options side by side with each other is a great way to find the ideal window for your home. It is always recommended to look into several estimates and see which one will work for you. With patience and research, it is possible to find ideal replacement windows that will complete the decor of your home.

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