Guest Post: Arbtech Ecological Surveys & Reports Provide Solutions for Homeowners

Arbtech is a one-stop shop for arboricultural and ecological surveys. The bat survey that they provide is a good and reliable service, and many clients are return customers. The consultancy offers very competitive prices for its services.

The bat survey, which is one of the most popular programs, is conducted in three phases. The most popular one is the initial assessment. It is followed up with a Phase 2 emergence and finally the wind turbine phase. During the survey, the ecological consultancy looks for several things. The physical presence of bats is one of them. It also looks out for evidence of bat activity. It consists of droppings, dead bat carcasses, skeletons and prey remains. An assessment is also carried to determine a habitat value. It falls in the range of negligible and very high. Factors that contribute to a high habitat score include features suitable for roosting and strong linear features connecting the site to foraging habitat.

The consultancy also offers a tree survey for planning. Arbtech is the UK’s leading provider for tree surveys, and speed is what we do best. The company’s directly employed tree surveyors travel to the client’s site. This is a highly flexible model and, therefore, enables us great geographical coverage. This service does not come at an extra cost, and, we do not deviate from our trademark fixed price rates for tree surveys. Robert Oates the founder of Arbtech is a qualified aboriculturist.

The team dealing with tree surveys is a small group of highly trained professionals, and, they keep up to date with developments in biological sciences and arboricultural surveying technology. Hence, Arbtech is able to consistently offer a high quality arboricultural report, quicker and cheaper than our peers.

Another of Arbtech’s products is providing tree reports. These are usually required for various reasons. They include mortgage approval. This may be required to compliment a bank valuation survey. It is also a requirement to determine health and safety. Some trees present a danger to the public or property. A tree report is also required for subsidence. Most trees may not cause damage to buildings, but some few do. This is because the conditions beneath the foundations are conducive to soil moisture deficits which may be affected by trees. Tree surveys are also carried out to aid in planning and development.

Arbtech also carries out habitat surveys. It provides this service for people looking for a protected species survey for badgers, birds and other species too. The government has got a planning policy document that deals with biodiversity and conservation. When a planning officer is setting up an application, they must pay some attention to the conservation and enhancement of habitats and protected species. In this way, they are able to show that they have embraced the policy in question and made protected species an important consideration in the design process. Due to this assurance, the planning office cannot reject the client’s applications on the basis of insufficient information. The client is, therefore, able to have their application processed without delay.

I would recommend Arbtech to anyone requiring their services in bat activity survey, tree and habitat surveys. They are very fast and provide quality services at very competitive market prices.

Author Bio: Jai Patel is knowledgeable in terms of ecological and arboricultural surveys that are done at Arbtech.

Photo: Fruit bat hanging from a branch from Shutterstock