Green Product Review: ThermaPAVER

High-efficiency modular heat-exchanger panels collect solar energy to heat pools while cooling patios, or melt snow when needed

Try this geothermal heating and cooling technology on your next project: the ThermaPAVER, designed and manufactured by Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based Therma-HEXX.

ThermaPAVER can be used for melting snow and ice, surface cooling, and heating of domestic or pool water, says Robert Barmore, inventor of this product and company CEO.

Barmore says he set out to tackle the thermal impacts of traditional pedestal-mounted and ground-mounted architectural pavers and flagstones typically used on high-rise building roofs, plazas, sidewalks and pool patios.

“Their temperature can surge to over 140 degrees F on sunny days, creating an intolerable environment,” he says. “In winter, snow and ice accumulate on them, rendering the areas unusable.”

When tied into a geothermal or waste heat system, snow melting can be accomplished for free without the use of fossil fuels. The same geo-thermal system can cool the surface in the hotter months.

Here is how the panels work: ThermaPAVER functions as a modular heat exchanger panel that evenly distributes a heating and cooling transfer fluid (glycol or water) to allow for even energy transfer across the entire panel surface. The 23.5″ x 23.5 ” panels connect in rows, using simple push on connectors.

Top of ThermaPAVER panel

The ThermaPAVER panel system is assembled beneath either pedestal mounted or ground mounted pavers or stones. The system can be used under driveways, roads, patios, sidewalks, plazas, rooftop patios, entry ways, pool decks, and any other place where pavers of any size, shape, or material are used.

There are numerous ways in which our product ThermaPAVER can be used,” says Barmore. Therma-HEXX products will soon be used in Colorado and have already been used in a Montana bar. The panel system can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. Barmore says his biggest markets are snow melting, cooling patios, and heating swimming pools.

As for pricing, “The pricing will vary due to the complexity and size of the project,” he says. “To give a rough idea of the cost, the panels themselves go for between $14-18 per square foot.  Installed costs are between $20-25 per square foot.”

The company will soon be introducing an innovative new product, ThermaCEILING to address radiant heating and cooling needs.

Photo & video: Therma-HEXX


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