Green Building Innovation in Mumbai

Mumbai is the wealthiest city in India and receives significant international investment. Many foreign banks and financial institutions have branches here, enabling Mumbai’s economy to grow and become a world city. It’s in a rush to expand and prosper.

We have picked a couple of recent green building projects in the heart of Mumbai. These projects showcase outstanding design and green energy management.

Motilal Oswal

Enveloped in glass and stunning LED lighting the Motilal Oswal building is an awe inspiring sight in the commercial district of Prabhadevi.


The aim of the building was to consolidate all corporate activity, maximise space and symbolise their strength in the financial sector.

The design was intended to be contemporary with a blend of modern trends and corporate sophistication. Energy efficiency forms an integral part of the design. The building is surrounded in 10,000 sq. ft. of KT440 Nano Green glass (Saint Gobain) which has a very low solar factor and high thermal insulation. Ceramic frits on the front of the building contribute towards energy efficiency as well as adding design appeal. Horizontal fins at regular intervals act as solar shades.


This building is a stunning engineering landmark which literally lights up the skyline of Mumbai!


The AllCargo façade is a great example of how aesthetic and green architecture can be combined.


The project was to renovate the building exterior but preserve its existing core. One of the key aims was to make the building LEED compliant.

The smooth, curvilinear share of the building is enhanced by reflective SSG Evo Orion Blue glass (Saint Gobain). This glass also contains advanced solar control, creating an energy efficient building by reducing AC load. Fins break up the façade to act as solar shades. The building also includes rainwater harvesting services to further enhance its green credentials.

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