Green Building Design and Construction – 5 Factors Giving High Performance

This article  concerning driving factors affecting performance on green building and design projects has been written by Bhushan Avsatthi, associate director for Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services.

Sustainable building design and construction has been highly acclaimed in recent times. We witness lots of architects opting for green building design and construction, considering the environmental essentials and social responsibility towards the society they live in.

Recent statistics by U.S. Green Building Council:

  • Approx 738 LEED-certified industrial manufacturing facilities across the globe
  • Another 1,335 facilities are in the efforts to get certified.
  • Market of sustainable building design and construction has grown by 375% in last four years
  • Currently 47% of all new commercial constructions are green building construction, as compared to a mere 2% in 2005.

Green building design and construction is a clever investment strategy; there are various factors including client demand and public opinion affecting the demand of these sustainable products and buildings.

  • Green building design and construction offers enhanced cost-effectiveness, energy, security, long lasting flexibility, quality of life, climate change vindication, and more.
  • Sustainable building design and construction technology enhances energy efficiency of buildings by 30%. The internal rate of return on investments reached 28.6% in the last decade – which is about four times better if compared to average corporate bond earnings and double the returns observed for high-performing venture capitals.
  • 40% of energy consumed in United States is utilized to operate their buildings. A research report by Rhodium Group in 2013, in the USA about $ 432 billion is spent every year to power homes, stores and offices which equals the amount the private sector spends on health insurance. It leaves mankind with no other alternative but to try out for other options – or practice energy conservation through Green construction design
  • Cost of green building design and construction is nearly the same cost per square foot to that of a metal building. Hence it covers up investments through decreased operational cost, while it also makes workplaces more industrious through exact design features.
  • Savings furthermore increase when the cost of energy is increasing and there is an ever increasing global demand which is unsatisfied. The International Energy Agency reports energy prices are likely to rise by another 17% in next two decades. Green building design and construction can save a lot on energy costs.

This rise in green facilities for large multinational companies can be associated to large green building design and construction market.

Brushn 5 factors

Let’s have a look at factors that make green building design and construction a futuristic technology – high in performance.

Diminishing Costs of Design and Construction

Building & construction compliance codes across the globe are growing more stringent day by day. It has become increasingly important for green building design and construction to have supply chains that are more mature & a workforce that is more skillful when it comes to green construction design.

Resale Value

One more reason for green design construction concerns the resale value. Increasing awareness amongst architects & construction companies about environmental and social impacts of their buildings has brought about a surge in sustainable building designs and construction.

Operating Costs

Green building design and construction have shown new trends of effective operations and maintenance costs by synchronizing energy and water consumption.

Impact on Workplace Productivity and Health

Research on green building design and construction concluded that there is a growing belief that physical characteristics of buildings and indoor environments have greater impact on employee’s productivity and health.

Risk Mitigation

It is here, green building design and construction comes to your aid. It helps you get appropriate value for your real estate asset and hence mitigates risk to a great extent.


Sustainable design or building “green” is an opportunity to use available resources more efficiently to create healthier buildings. It offers cost savings to everyone through improved human health and productivity, lower cost building operations, and resource efficiency, while it takes us close to a sustainable future. It is a future that we need to design and construct for coming generations.

About Author: Bhushan Avsatthi works as an Associate Director with Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services, and has over 16 years of experience in the construction industry.  A qualified architect, BIM expert and a green building design advisor, Bhushan has successfully handled and executed several green building projects for global clientele.