GE Infusion LED Modules Deliver Maximum Flexibility in an Energy Efficient Lighting Solution

LED lighting plays a vital role in today’s retail environments, maximizing shopping experiences and making merchandise appear its best.

GE’s Infusion LED Module product line offers a versatile LED lighting solution that provides highly flexible LED lighting options critical for retailers who want to highlight certain products or create emphasis through a display.


“As LED technology continues to advance, the Infusion LED Module accommodates future generations through its interchangeable, Zhaga-compliant mounting socket—making installation, servicing and upgrades nearly hassle-free,” said John Koster, product manager of LED Modules, GE Lighting. “Engineered with a simple twist-fit installation process, users have the ultimate flexibility to alternate beam angles or light packages to suit changing requirements. They are easily upgradeable to allow direct replacement as efficiencies improve, without the need to change lighting fixtures.”

Infusion Gen3 Spot Light Modules

Infusion Gen3 LED modules feature a twist-lock interface for easy, tool-free attachment that delivers precise, smooth beam control for optimal performance. GE offers a range of lumen packages, from 850 to 4500 lumens, as well as color options of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K to meet a variety of retail LED lighting needs.

Infusion Down Light Module (DLM)

The Infusion DLM features outstanding efficacy and color rendering across the entire DLM 1000 – DLM 4000 Series, providing the ideal ambient lighting solution for high-end retail applications. With down light LED lumen levels up to 4000 lumens, Infusion DLM is also ideal for high-ceiling applications, such as lobbies, auditoriums, convention centers and shopping malls.

Infusion Narrow Punch Module (NPM)

The Infusion NPM is the latest advance in LED-based accent lighting, delivering a high-intensity, narrow spot beam that brings drama and impact to retail lighting applications. The NPM provides small, high-intensity LED source and proprietary optics for maximum performance.

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