The Garden Tower Project Start-Up Business

Social media is helping many start-up companies gain followers, earn profit and take off. One company that was featured on Kick Starter and on is The Green Tower Project.

The Green Tower Project is a self-contained vertical garden/composting system.

“It’s a Garden, it’s a composter – It’s the Garden Tower!  The unique self-contained vertical garden allows anyone to turn their waste kitchen scraps into an abundant organic veggie harvest.”

The company is based out of Bloomington, Indiana.


The towers are made from 100% recyclable food-grade plastic with an estimated life span of 10 years and can hold up to 50 plants in four square feet. There are 45 openings along the sides and enough room for five additional plants on top creating the garden.

The center is a tube made from PVC, a non-recyclable material that is easily converted into other products if necessary. The business owners and designers are researching alternatives to eliminate the non-HDPE plastic tube but currently it hosts the composting side to The Garden Tower. Worms are placed inside and continuously fed with kitchen scraps then producing the fertilizer that the plants thrive from.

This tower is its own microclimate with an increased growing season with heat storage and insulation giving the plants constant access to nutrient-dense water and rich soil.



Currently The Garden Towers cost $269.00 each and discounts are given to bulk purchases. These are said to be great for students and urban dwellers.

This is one recently started company that is sustainable both in concept and in products ‘produced’.

Resources: Facebook – The Garden Tower and The Garden Tower Project

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