Fitting In, Architecturally Speaking

One of the fundamental qualities of good architecturally designed buildings is that they fit into their own unique site.

Two examples that couldn’t be more different but that are both beautifully designed buildings for their spaces are the Transustainable House and the Sempachersee Golf Course Club House.


The Transustainable House is a residential home designed by Sugawaradaisuke Architects that was built this year. It is in Tokyo, Japan and it embraces the four major components of urban living. Those components are:

  1. Small building site
  2. Diverse styles of living
  3. Endlessly updating town-scaping
  4. Artificial thermal environments

This home meets strict, compact, urban site regulations yet is able to develop a relationship that is missing from many places, most much larger or on much larger lots, that is key to a home where privacy meets community and the indoors meets the outdoors without heavy walls of separation.


The Sempachersee Golf Course Club House is a set of commercial buildings that is composed of the club house, the restaurant and the maintenance building and helps make up what is now Switzerland’s largest golf course. The buildings were designed in 2005 by Smolenicky & Partner Architektur GmbH and are located in Sempach.


It combines two distinct features:

  1. Country character
  2. Worldly sophistication



This structure is on a plot that is sprawling, yet they were able to embrace the landscape more than overtake it and emphasis that relationship with a 180 degree panorama view of all that is truly Swiss countryside including the Alps.


These two very different and very distinct buildings both merge the inside living spaces with the outside existing worlds to encourage people to explore both and to never forgot or try to separate one from the other because one cannot exist without the other in any setting.

Resources: Sempachersee and Transustainable

Photographs: Jeremie Souteyrat and Walter Mair

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