Shipping Container Home Can Triple In Size

G-pod Shipping Container Home

G-pod Shipping Container Home

There have been a plethora of posts about shipping containers hitting the web recently – and why not? Shipping containers are cheap, durable, and available– and are as easy to ship as a traditional RV.  This particular shipping container home is a bit different, though: it can expand!

Designed by G-pod, a Hong Kong and Australia based company, has introduced a shipping container home that expands to increase the available living space.

Not only that- the Dwell can be set up completely off-grid.

The Dwell unit has three walls that can be pushed out manually or with optional hydraulic assistance.  The living area almost triples, from 160 square feet to 400.  This includes a kitchen and dining area, bathroom, bed and couch, a study nook, and a laundry area.  The interiors are from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, including bamboo furniture.  There’s also a deck that lowers, some seating and a BBQ bench outside, and optional systems that include a rainwater collection system, composting toilets, and a solar power and battery system. These options allows the home to run for up to three days without sunlight, making off-grid living that much easier for the Dwell’s inhabitants.

Unlike most “concept” or “art project” container buildings, however, GPod’s Dwell is in production now (like, right meow), and pricing starts at under $50,000 USD. Once your order is complete, it can be packed up and ready to move in three hours, and anywhere a shipping container can go. (!)

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Expandable Shipping Container Home

Source | Photos: GPod, via Gizmag