EKLA HOME Offers Sustainable and Eco Furniture Option

EKLA HOME created by Emily Kroll in 2007 is a great sustainable minded furniture company that uses reclaimed wood, Organic fabrics, and low VOC binders. Kroll comes from an established line of furniture makers; furniture designer on one side, and an architectural and scrap metal recycler on the other. Kroll uses this knowledge, as well as passion for great design to fuel this Eco company. “EKLA HOME is a company that embraces input, learning and teaching. The company is defined by the spirit, passion, integrity and intention of its contributing members. We are all interconnected and use the synergy of relationships to make us stronger.”

Although EKLAHOME  has only been in existence for three years, Kroll has been working with reclaimed materials since 1994. According to Jetson Green, EKLA has an impressive list of sustainable practices today, “perhaps one of the most impressive on the green furniture market today”.

ELKA is a member of the Organic Trade Association, Sustainable Furniture Council, and Co-Op America.  They have third-party certifications by FSC, Oeko-tex, KRAV, SCS Gold, and GREENGUARD.  Their practices include using raw materials sourced as close to manufacturing facility as possible, producing all products in the U.S., and using only organic and non-toxic materials and the lowest VOC finishes possible.  EKLA also uses reclaimed wood whenever possible and, otherwise, the wood is FSC Alder, a sustainable crop.

EKLA HOME has its own collection and does contract, residential work, commercial as well as retail fixtures. They are currently greening of Starbucks in Southern California. Others include Chiat Day, Vh1 and some residences. All the furniture are of heirloom quality that will last for years and years.

Source: union, Jetson Green

Photo Source: EKLA HOME

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