Eco Classroom Gets Drinking Water From Green Roof

Eco classroom at Benenden School

Eco classroom at Benenden School

This 230 square foot eco classroom, built in the trees at the Benenden School in Kent, United Kingdom, is in demand from students and faculty alike because of its view and its interesting construction.  Built by treehouse builders Blue Forest, the classroom is completely self-sufficient, using solar power for electricity and water harvested from its green roof.

Rainwater falls on the sedum (rock flowers) green roof, is collected, and then run through six reverse osmosis filters and a UV light filter to kill all the bacteria and other contaminants that aren’t collected by the sedum.  The filtration system is powered by solar energy from PV panels mounted on the roof.

The system is said to be the only hot and cold water treatment system in the UK that is run only by solar energy.   The classroom is solely reliant on the PV panels and the rainwater treatment system for its utilities, as it is not connected to city amenities due to its remote location.  Composting toilets have negated the need for a sewer connection as well.


Under the Green Roof

Eco classroom

The sustainable features of the classroom include the exclusive use of FSC certified lumber in its construction.  There is also a copper soffit around the edge of the green roof, offering some shelter from the rain or sun- a good thing, because this “eco classroom” is used for a variety of classes, including geography, biology, chemistry, and salsa dancing.  It is in high demand by students and faculty, as well as the general public.


Source | Photos: Inhabitat, Blue Forest

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