Earthbag Buildings – Functional to Beautiful

Divine Nectar retreat cabin

In homage to our previous post on all natural building products, here is a photo collection of earthbag buildings – built from bags of dirt or sand, stacked brick-like, and covered with mud mixed with straw.

Divine Nectar retreat cabin

Divine Nectar retreat cabin – This stunning earthbag cabin was built as part of a retreat center in the desert of Arizona.

This is an example of earth-sheltered earthbag building, which involves packing dirt around an earthbag structure and growing grass on top for a hobbit-like effect.

Maya Ward-Karet built this striking earthbag structure as a student at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture at Taliesin West.  ‘Helixa Shelter’ was constructed for just $812 and features a curved construction that protects the interior from the sand, sun and wind while still enabling open interaction with the desert environment.

Built in Niigata City, Japan by Kikuma Watanabe, the Shinto Shrine is ‘an air pocket in the city’ on a vacant lot between two highways to offer a small space for reflection and meditation.

Renowned earthbag builder Kaki Hunter, who wrote the book ‘Earthbag Buliding: The Tools, Tricks and Techniques’ along with Doni Kiffmeyer, creates structures that look like they came straight from a fairy tale. This example is from the duo’s property in Moab, Utah.

Source and photos: WebEcoist