Earth Day Events: Vertical Farms and Green Roofs Now at Exit Art in NYC

A project of SEA (Social Environmental Aesthetics) at Exit Art, “Vertical Gardens is an exhibition of architectural models, renderings, drawings, photographs and ephemera that depict or imagine a vertical farm, urban garden or green roof.” The exhibit features over 20 projects, both imaginary and real, by artists and architects envisioning solutions for building greener urban environments.

Details for the FREE two-day event (featuring eco architects, artists, professors, and poets) at Exit celebrating Earth Day 2009 are as follows:

Starting Tonight at Exit Art on 475 Tenth Ave (between 36th and 37th) in NYC ~


6 – 7:30pm:
Dickson D. Despommier, Professor of Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences and Microbiology at Columbia University, will talk about his work as the Founder and Director of the Vertical Farm Project, looking at how agriculture can be adapted and integrated into city living.

James Wines, Founder/President of SITE, Environmental Design, gives a talk on the “Economy of Means”, which looks at ways to meet the demands of economic crisis, energy efficiency and sustainable design, without a loss of aesthetic quality. It credits some of the most revolutionary triumphs of the 20th century – including Picasso’s collage, Duchamp’s conceptual art, Le Corbusier’s “machines for living in” and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonion houses – which confirm that big ideas can frequently be realized through a great economy of means. The information also covers a selection of materially and environmentally prudent contributions to the Radical Architecture movement of the 70s and 80s. The program concludes with a range of innovative proposals for the present era; including buildings and public spaces that use frugality itself as an inspirational raw material.

The Lower East Side Ecology Center hosts a FREE indoor composting workshop. Learn how to set up and maintain a worm bin in your apartment. Full compost bin setups will be available at $55 each, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration recommended. To register, please call 212-477-3155 or email

SEA Poetry Series, No. 1

Kicking off our SEA Poetry Series, poet Jonathan Skinner will read a selection of his poems and present a talk on “third landscapes,” entropoetics, and the coming planetary Pangea-garden on invasive futures. Q & A and reception to follow. Conceived and organized by E.J. McAdams, poet and Associate Director of Philanthropy at The Nature Conservancy, New York City. Free. Cash bar.

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