D*Haus’ D*Dynamic Origami-Inspired Shape Changing House

Architecture in origami form is a remarkable concept which is hard to envision but D*Haus has come up with a house design that follows the very dynamics of the paper folding art.

D*Dynamic shape 1

D*Haus’ transformation house, D*Dynamic, has yet to be built but the conception is likely to take hold. They have designed furniture, such as the eight-tables-in-one and the D*Table where different shaped/sized tables are fitted together to form larger tables.

D*Dynamic follows the form of the mathematical problem from the 20th century by Henry Dudeney that created the Haberdasher’s Puzzle. A video shows the building’s ability to change and the different configurations it can switch into.

Configuration Image
The house will be ideal for extreme climate changes with the thick insulating walls for winter that can change places with the glazed panels for the summer. It can also adjust to daily changes of sunlight and temperatures. The sections move on tracks on the ground and the house can be in eight different configurations.

D*Dynamic additional shapeThis house is a play off of other sustainable and passive houses like Le Belvedere and Earth Sheltered houses, is changing the way buildings can be designed to benefit from all aspects of whatever climate they exist in and a way that everyday your house changes to meet your needs.

Resources: D*Haus, GizMag, Le Belvedere and Earth Sheltered Houses

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