Companies of Interest: Transwall’s Movable Wall Systems

Floor-to-ceiling movable wall systems have been developed to accompany changing design requirements

In an era where modular and reconfigurable components drive business design decisions, the development of moveable wall systems seems entirely appropriate and timely. Meet Philadelphia-based Transwall, the developer of beautiful and reconfigurable architectural walls that are moveable.

As the company aptly stated on its website, “Change is inevitable.” This is particularly true for companies wanting to keep pace with changing space requirements.

Transwall zwall_0000361

Transwall’s floor-to-ceiling Wall System features broad horizontally oriented panels, integrated storage components and optional ceiling attachment. The results are aesthetically appealing and functional, offering both refined wall panels and storage elements.

The possibilities seem to be unlimited. Wall System delivers the strength of metal, the lightness of aluminum, the elegance of glass, wood, and dozens of customizable options.  When the call comes for visually pleasing, ergonomic, environmentally friendly work spaces with a comfortable sound level, Wall System provides a viable commercial solution.

“More companies than ever are insisting on movable wall systems in their offices, plants and warehouses because they want products that are functional, reliable, reusable, and energy-efficient,” said Marc Valois, vice president and sales manager.

Distinguished by load-bearing structure, Wall System offers flexibility and easy installation. According to Transwall, “flexibility is ensured over time because the original layout can be altered without dismantling installed modules.”

Achieve attractive architectural projects by combining the vast assortment of Wall System’s color and finish options.

Service systems are easily integrated into Wall System’s panels with compartments to house electrical wiring and data lines.  Shelves and hook-on containers options are available with a combination of glass and opaque wall modules.  Wall System’s modular technology consists of removable elements that allow for easy access to the infrastructure and minimal work space interruption.

Since Transwall’s founders bought the company back from a corporate owner several years ago, the privately-held firm has seen a significant increase in business, as growing numbers of architects and designers are seeking assistance in incorporating movable walls and products in their designs, with LEED compliance a key factor in their adoption.

For those who still think in terms of 2X4s and drop ceilings, Transwall has designed a modular design system that is worth considering.

Photo: Transwall