Coca Cola Saves Energy With Umisol Window Film

The installation of Umisol Infrared Blocking Filter at Coca Cola Headquarters in Brussels improves the glazing and is one of the opportunities to give new life to the existing building.Umisol solar films offer effective solar control properties during summer and an energy-efficient thermal insulation during winter and improve the indoor comfort. (PRNewsFoto/Umisol Group N.V.)

Umisol Infrared Blocking Filter was recently installed at the Coca-Cola headquarters in Brussels.  The project is expected to create a net profit of 14 €/m²/year.

Energy efficiency is central to the European strategy with the 2020 – 2030 – 2050 EU Directives for smart and sustainable growth and the progression to a resource-efficient economy.  By 2050 the EU aims to significantly reduce emissions by 80-95% compared to 1990.

The greatest potential for energy savings exists in buildings. The Commission’s plan regarding energy focuses on instruments to get the renovation process for public, commercial and private buildings underway and to improve the energy performance of the components used in those buildings. Improving the glazing with window films is one of the opportunities and can give new life to existing buildings.

The efficient insulating and transparency technology from Umisol permits maximum insulation in order to maintain the most constant temperature and optimizes cooling and heating. Umisol solar films offer effective solar control properties during summer and energy-efficient thermal insulation during winter to help improve indoor comfort.

The existing windows in the Coca-Cola Building were double glazed.  To improve the solar gain value Umisol installed coated IR film on the 510 windows for a total of 1.660m² for the price of 99.576 €.  With energy savings, the project brings in more than it costs, creating income for the building.

Here are some additional benefits from installing window film to help with energy efficiency:

  • High heat-resistant properties.  Quickly save up to 25% on cooling, creating improved comfort.
  • Improved thermal insulation in winter.  Save up to 30% on heating.
  • Fast payback and profitable return on investment.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions.  Contribute to carbon footprint reduction.

Source and Photo: PR Newswire

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