Cellular Shades Offer Shade and Save Money, Too

Cellular shades

Cellular shades

If you are looking to save money on your electric bill this year, cellular window shades can help insulate your home from high air conditioning and heating costs through all the seasons.

Chris Lavertu, owner of San Diego Window Fashions states, “With cellular shades you will get a very attractive design that will look great and also provide excellent insulation from the heat this summer.” San Diego Window Fashions strives to offer the widest selection of energy efficient shades and blinds available on the market today.

Cellular shadesCellular shades are amongst the highest energy efficient shades on the market today. Due to the cellular construction, cellular shades are known for their energy-efficient savings. And with so many designs available you won’t sacrifice design and style to achieve energy savings.

The insular property of the fabric creates a cellular barrier of chambers that are designed to insulate. Hot or cold air is trapped in the cellular design and gets released slowly in the room, helping to reduce heating and air conditioning bills.

Bali Blinds estimates that a 3/8″ double cell blackout fabric has an R-value of 5.45 when combined with a double-pane low-e window.  This R-value means a reduction in energy of up to 25%. To calculate your potential energy savings, visit their savings calculator.

A full line of automated systems is now available that can be programmed just like a thermostat. The system can be timed to adjust according to how the sun hits the house or sunrise or sunset for privacy. Automated systems are known to add real value to the home and are becoming very popular especially with hard to reach windows or very high windows.

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