CDL’s Treehouse is World’s Largest Vertical Garden

cdl treehouse largest vertical garden

cdl treehouse largest vertical garden

Earlier this year, CDL’s Treehouse condo project in Singapore set the official Guinness World Record for world’s largest vertical garden. The building’s green wall covers nearly 2300 sq. meters, and is expected to save the building’s residents more than $500,000 in heating and cooling bills each year.

CDL’s Treehouse was completed in 2013, but the company’s project website makes it seem as if several of the apartments- in a pretty wide variety of floorplans, actually– are still available. So, if you’re house-hunting in Singapore, I guess.

In addition to the massive green wall (think: “green roof”), the Treehouse condos feature a number of “green” components like heat-reducing windows and automatic lighting, but the vertical garden and light grey/off-white color of the 26-story complex’ exterior walls are the big heroes of this story. Combined they’ll cut residents’ total energy bills by between 15 and 30 percent.

You can learn more about the Treehouse project’s record-setting vertical garden- and see a lot more photos- by following the source links to Inhabitat and CDL’s sales site at the end of this article. Before you go, however, check out these concept drawings from 2009, and compare them with the finished condominiums in the photo at the top of this post. Enjoy!


CDL Treehouse Concept Art

Source | More Photos: CDL Treehouse, via Inhabitat.