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Best Shower Filter For Hard Water That You Can Buy Right Now

Best Shower Filter For Hard Water

Hard water is everywhere. It’s found in our kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even in our drinking water. Hard water contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese. These minerals cause scale buildup inside pipes and fixtures. This build-up causes problems like slow drains, clogged toilets, and rusty taps. Hard water is caused by…

Best Shower Filter For Your Hair That You Can Buy Right Now

Best Shower Filter For Hair

Your shower is the perfect place to refresh, unwind, and reset. After a quick rinse, you should be able to step out feeling clean, fresh, and rejuvenated. However, if your daily shower is leaving you with nothing but dry skin and brittle hair, you might be tempted to throw in the towel and become a…

Best Well Water Filter System You Can Buy Right Now

Best Well Water Filter System

Water filtration systems are important because they remove harmful contaminants from drinking water. They also reduce the amount of chlorine added to drinking water, which can cause health problems. There are three main types of water filters: point-of-use (POU), whole house, and central. POU filters are installed at the faucet or sink where water comes…

Under Sink Water Filter Reviews

Under Sink Water Filter Reviews

Everyone expects to have a reliable source of clean water. The best way to ensure safe drinking water at all times is by installing an effective water filtration system in your home. What better place to start with filtering your water is under your own sink? This will guarantee that you’ll have clean drinking water…

Best Inline Water Filter You Can Buy Right Now

Best Inline Water Filter

Water filters are essential for keeping our water clean and safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. They remove impurities such as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and other contaminants from tap water. Inline water filters are designed to fit directly into the faucet, eliminating the need for additional equipment or plumbing. As a concept, inline water…

Water Softener Troubleshooting

Water Softener Troubleshooting

Having a good water softener is a quick and easy way of removing some of the minerals that can often be found in a hard water area. Water softeners are used throughout the world. They are simple devices that remove calcium and magnesium from the water supply. These minerals cause scale buildup on pipes and…

Best Portable Water Purifier

Best Portable Water Purifier

Portable water purifiers are great for camping or hiking trips. They are also convenient for everyday life since they can purify tap water at home. The main purpose of these devices is to remove harmful contaminants from drinking water. There are several types of water purifiers out there, each designed for specific purposes. Water purification…

Purified Vs Distilled Water – Which One Should You Choose?

Purified Vs Distilled Water

Having clean water is a privilege that we often don’t realize, but clean water is essential for us to survive and remain healthy. Drinking dirty water can cause harmful bacteria to enter our systems, so making sure that our water is clean will improve the quality of taste and make sure that we do not…

Best Water Filter For Sinks You Can Buy Right Now

Best Water Filter For Sink

The quality of tap water has been declining over the years. In fact, according to the EPA, nearly half of the U.S. population gets its drinking water from municipal sources that contain contaminants such as arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, and bacteria. You don’t want to drink contaminated water, especially since it can cause serious health issues….

Best Whole House Water Filter For Well Water

Best Whole House Water Filter For Well Water

Water filtration systems are very important because they remove impurities from drinking water. The quality of water depends on several things such as the source of the water, the type of treatment applied, and the quality of the equipment. Whole house water filters are designed to treat both tap water and well water. They are…

Artificial Turf Is The New Green Landscaping

Artificial turf isn’t just for mini golf and football stadiums anymore! It has become the go-to product for homeowners suffering through drought or trying to reduce their water consumption. Tanner Shepard, owner of LawnPop, an Austin, TX turf installation company, says that their brand has been growing at a rapid pace. “Synthetic grass was a…

Try This Greenhouse With Legs For Flood Control

Greenhouse with legs

For those having a proclivity for flooding paranoia, this greenhouse with legs might arrest some of those fears. Conceived and developed by BAT Studio, we are told this UK structure has been constructed in an area which experiences frequent flooding. The Greenhouse That Grows Legs incorporates a novel approach to flood protection. “The building is…

Rain Tunnel Technology Provides Drinking Water from Air

Rain tunnel technology provides drinking water from air

New technology from Bangalore promises clean drinking water by drawing moisture from the air.  Rain Tunnel Technology, invented by Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, Chief Scientific Officer at the De Scalene Research Organization, will soon be available for both commercial and household use. Getting water from the atmosphere is not new. It has been around for more…