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Study: European Solar Panel Manufacturing Greener than China’s

A solar panel output may be green, but the manufacturing footprint it has left behind may be anything but green or sustainable. Take the csse of this recent study pitting European solar panel manufacturing and that of China’s. According to a Northwestern University study, China’s manufacturing footprint is far less green than that of Europe. Solar […]

June 2nd

Pressure-Treated Lumber: Safest Options

Those who have built retaining walls or raised garden beds over the past few years may have used pressure-treated 4 ‘ to 8″ wood immersed with CCA, or copper chromium arsenate. A growing number of people have charged that this product, containing inorganic arsenic, can be toxic to people, pets, and even food grown in […]

April 7th

Guest Post: 7 Benefits of Using LED Bulbs

As compared to traditional lighting, light emitting diodes (LEDs) have been getting a lot of publicity for the benefits and advantages as far as energy efficiency goes. LED lighting is by far smartest solution as well as the most power saving compared to other illumination methods available in the industry. The LED revolution is a […]

February 12th

A Commercial Product Specialist: C/S Corporate

The companies that are the most inspiring are the ones that grew out of necessity for a product and stand the test of time by continuing to grow their product, meet the demands of industry and introduce new cutting edge materials. One such company that has been around for over 60 years is the Construction […]

January 15th

Modular Design Lab: Meet the Flat-Packed Honeycombed HIVEHAUS

Here is an interesting way to approach building an easy-to-assemble living space, configured to be as small or large as you wish. HIVEHAUS, a new concept in modular living space – “inspired by nature- influenced by modernism and constructed using unconventional building techniques,” writes the UK-based company. Each hexagonal HIVEHAUS cell is a self-contained unit […]

December 5th

Zero-Down Solar Leasing for New Homes

Our thanks to Mathias Maehlum from Energy Informative for providing GBE readers with a second informative articles on solar energy leasing. His next article “NREL Sets New World Record with Two-Junction Solar Cell,” will be published this weekend. The solar PV market has been though a lot of changes in the last couple of years. Since Solarcity introduced the model […]

October 18th