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Guest Post: When is the best time to purchase and install replacement windows

The number #1 reason why homeowners pay more As any homeowner will know, maintaining the appearance and integrity of your home can be a demanding task, requiring hands-on application and extensive personal research to find not only the best products for your home, but also the most effective ways in which to apply them. Windows…

Point2 Homes: New Real Estate Listings Portal

The search for a homes for sale or rent can be a grueling, time-consuming – “can’t be forgotten soon enough” – endeavor. Or it can be made into a very smart shopping trip. Point2 Homes is a newly developed real estate listings portal. This website has been designed to serve as an online search tool…

Benefits of On-Site Machining

Any commercial activity that relies on heavy plant machinery also has a vested interest in making sure that downtime, whether due to maintenance, improvements or repairs, is kept to an absolute minimum. Continued operational effectiveness has to be maintained if disruptions to production processes are to be avoided and this can present particular problems depending…

Green Cleaning in Action: Dry Ice Blasting and Environmentally Friendly Mold Removal

Over the past few years we have a long list of companies, technologies, or products that are worth knowing about. Unfortunately, they sometimes get buried too deeply in our archives so we provide fresh information for readers.

Our current technology of interest is dry ice blasting, a method for removing mold and preventing potential health-related illnesses. Carl Bennett provided this post last February.

Great Green Construction Products Made From Paper

Sustainable composite surfaces show great promise to green designers

We have written before about this sustainable counter product made from recycled waste paper. It is time now to revisit Hoquiam, WA-based PaperStone.

Guest Post: Eco-friendly Lifestyle: Reasons to Make a Steel Building Your Home

Steel is used more now, not only for building commercial and industrial proper ties, but also for homes. Statistics have shown that 50,000 steel framed houses were built in 1997 and an impressing number of 500,000 steel framed houses were constructed in the last 10 years.

Guest Post: DOE Backs Down on Higher Furnace Efficiency Standards; Air Conditioning Standards also Being Challenged

In late 2011, the Department of Energy (DOE) announced increases in the minimum efficiency standards of residential furnaces and air conditioners. In the 30 northern states, the minimum efficiency rating of new furnaces was to be raised to 90 percent from its current level of 80 percent, starting May 31st, 2013. In the 20 southern states, the minimum efficiency of air conditioners is set to be raised from 13 SEER to 14 SEER starting January 1st, 2015 (SEER is the estimated BTU’s of cooling provided by each watt-hour of electricity, so a 14 SEER unit will use about 7 percent less energy than a 13 SEER system). These changes were expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 113 to 143 million tons, and to reduce residential energy consumption by one-fifth.

Guest Post: Creating an Environmentally Friendly Man-Cave

Every man needs his cave, or should I say that every woman needs a place for her man to go? Either way you want to put it; this is a space that benefits everyone involved.  So why not turn it into a fun project? Green was once the way of the future; no longer, it…

Bonded Logic & The Home Depot: Green Ways To Insulate Homes and Absorb Sound

UltraTouch Denim Insulation offers ultimate thermal performance and creates a 30 to 50 percent increase in a room’s acoustical performance. The insulation does not contain formaldehyde or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). It is easy to use: a portion of the batts in each package contain perforations similar to paper towels that allow consumers to tear the insulation with their hands to get the size they need.

Using Flow Meters To Improve Building Energy Efficiency

We write a considerable amount of content concerning improving a building’s energy efficiency and how to manage it with a flow meter. This guest article from Sara Thompson provides some useful information on the subject. Buildings in the United States accounted for 41 percent of the nation’s energy consumption in 2010, 44 percent more than…

Sauna Box Gives Shipping Container a New Life

Set yourself up with a steam room pretty much anywhere you want with the Sauna Box($41,000). Built into a shipping container, this semi-portable sauna is designed to be completely self-sufficient, with solar panels providing the power and a wood-burning stove. Features include a red cedar interior, integrated iPod stereo, electric guitar hookup, Castor stool, a magnetic truck light, and bronze antlers.

Guest Post: How to Build a Solar Concentrator for Solar Hot Water

Blog writer James Vasanth has written to share his insights with readers on the daunting DIY task of building a solar concentrator for solar hot water. He writes, “In this post, I’ll discuss some key points including how to build your own 2-axis parabolic concentrator.” Thanks, James. The “how-to” steps are welcome, however, a ready made version sounds even better after counting all the steps.

Guest Post: Getting Rid of Ice in an Eco-Friendly Way

With winter on its way, you might be looking for eco-friendly methods to get rid of snow and ice. Walking awkwardly down your driveway every morning and navigating frostbitten stairs is certainly not fun, but there are things you can do that won’t harm the environment.

Itron and Deutsche Telekom to Offer Expanded Smart Grid Solutions and Services Options

Itron, Inc., a global technology company that helps utilities measure, manage, and analyze energy and water, and Deutsche Telekom, a world leading integrated telecommunications company, announced today that they have signed an agreement to collaborate on delivering smart metering solutions to target markets in Europe.

Guest Post: Using Stacked Stone to Make Your Office Sleek and Professional

No office decor motif stands out like the smooth face of stacked stone. The multicolored layers of earth tones create a natural feel of warmth and simplicity, projecting your decorating taste across three dimensions. No matter what the outlay of a room, the veneer pillars of cut stone immediately draw attention once someone steps in…

Green Product Review: ThermaPAVER

The ThermaPAVER panel system is assembled beneath either pedestal mounted or ground mounted pavers or stones. The system can be used under driveways, roads, patios, sidewalks, plazas, rooftop patios, entry ways, pool decks, and any other place where pavers of any size, shape, or material are used.

Guest Post: Green Tech for Your Home

The word green has become synonymous with intelligent decision and design; something that identifies you with caring about the environment. What’s interesting is when we combine green with technology. Ways we can conserve, improve, salvage and enjoy our surroundings, while making life a little easier and maybe a tad more fun.

Guest Post: How to Increase the Value of Your Home Without Spending a Fortune

Cost-effective home-improvement ideas are always helpful, like these that have been provided by guest writer Anna Hicks. 1. Upgrade Your Kitchen The kitchen is the first thing many prospective homebuyers look at. If you’ve got an old kitchen with outdated features, your otherwise spectacular house may not be worth as much to some buyers because…