New Recycled Insulation Controls Pests

A newly designed home insulation does double duty at keep out the elements and pests. The new TAP insulation, made from recycled materials, featured a special borate additive process that helps keep bugs out of the home as well as protecting the home indefinitely.

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Energy-Efficiency Audits Can Start the Savings Ball Rolling

The annual savings resulting from improvements in home energy-efficiency provide a compelling reason to launch their own energy efficiency plan. Many believe the home energy audit represents the first step in making a person’s home more efficient. According to Energy Star, while an audit can assess how much energy a home uses and evaluate what measures to take for improving efficiency; an audit alone won’t save energy.

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Will a Tsunami and Flood Shelter System Help Prevent Natural Tragedies?

A US patented design by land developer, Miguel A. Serrano, named after the weather phenomenons that it is built to endure and its designed structure: Storm, Tornado and Tsunami Interconnected Modules Shelters (STATIM) could be one of many life-saving mechanisms that become part of the built world. The STATIM Shelter System is a series of pre-cast concrete modules that are assembled with gasket joints and post-tension cables. This combination and design ensures a water-tight shelter with buoyancy and self-righting capabilities.

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Reinventing the Plastic Bottle – Ecologic Brands Launches Paper Laundry Bottle with Seventh Generation

In the 1967 Dustin Hoffman movie, “The Graduate”, a businessman at a trendy cocktail party declared, “The future’s in plastic.” Today, at Seventh Generation and its development partner, Ecologic, a new paper bottle containing laundry detergent may soon have insiders repeating a new mantra, “The future’s in paper.”

Seventh Generation will be distributing a new liquid laundry detergent bottle made from 100 percent recycled cardboard and newspaper. Seventh Generation’s Natural 4X Laundry Detergent bottle, designed with Ecologic Brands,

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Aqua Creations Uses Biomimicry to Design Lighting and Furniture

Architects, engineers and designers are now doing what scientists, naturalists and environmentalists have been doing, instead of trying to change the planet in the name of progress they are looking at the planet’s progress. Designer-Artist, Ayala Serfaty and her photographer partner, husband, Albi Serfaty created a company that mimics marine life, uses natural materials, and brings sustainability technology to the forefront of light and furniture design. Serfaty artistic abilities allowed for the business of Aqua Creations to unfold, but to enhance the design world with beautiful, nature-influenced products is what the science of Biomimicry is about.

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Can “AstroTurf” Save The Planet?

Who would have thought that artificial turf would be good for the environment? I know I have always thought of it as a blight, a replacement for natural grass that didn’t make environmental sense. Turns out I was short-sighted in my judgement of turf. It saves natural resources and provides another use for a potentially caustic waste product.

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QR Codes Part II: How Contractors Use Them

Part II: How this technology is already being used in construction. The landslide of available digital information applications is impacting the building industry in a significant way. Quick-response codes – QR codes as they are best known – are now becoming more common in the building industry. This includes building owners and developers, architects, engineers, municipalities and contractors. This three-part series will share information on QR codes, how municipalities are using them, how the building trades are using them, and how they are being used for marketing and outreach, similar to how social media works today.

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Meet the Bio-Dome, or Poo-Gloo

The methods by which any village, town or city treats its toilet wastewater may not be a pleasant olfactory issue, but necessary, nonetheless. “Poo isn’t something generally talked about in polite company but like it or not, all of that human waste has to go somewhere,”

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