Greenstar Boilers Provide Ultra Efficient Heating

The Bosch Greenstar series of ultra efficient wall mounted condensing boilers utilize condensing technology, where the latent heat in the unit’s exhaust gases is extracted and re-used, to provide extremely energy efficient heating to homes and commercial spaces. The condensing technology is a highly efficient use of energy and significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Greenstar condensing boilers can offer efficiency levels of up to 98.7 percent, meaning they turn 98.7 percent of the fuel used into heat – a significant upgrade…

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New Internet-Based Sprinkler Controller Prevents Watering in the Rain

Cyber-Rain, a green company that specializes in creating sprinkler control systems, has created a new technology, called the XCI Cloud, to manage and control your sprinkler system via the Internet. According to their website, users see an average of a 35% reduction in water use. Rather than relying on built-in timers, as most sprinkler systems do, the XCI Cloud allows homeowners to adjust their sprinkler settings from any Internet-connected computer, as well as through their iPhone via a free app.…

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Susty Party Products Provide Guilt-Free Compostable Ware for Summer Entertaining

With two major quintessential U.S. holidays coming up which are all about outdoor grilling, parties and family gatherings; I sought a sustainable alternative to those dreaded plastic utensils and paper plate products. There remains a sweet compromise of sustainability with guilt-free entertaining with Susty Party Products. Founded by Emily Doubilet, a NYC native and an environmental consultant, Susty Party provides chic and compostable party products which include utensils, plates, cups and napkins.

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A Trash Bash’s Goal of Zero Waste, Soon to be Reached?

The events that make the biggest impact on the attendants do not have to leave an impact on the earth. Executive Director, Jan Hamilton with the CARTM Recycling Center in Manzanita, Oregon, developed an event which produces almost entirely no waste.

They started it in 1998 and on Friday, May 20, 2011 it will be their 13th annual Trash Bash. This is a community party with dancing, art and a fashion “Trashion” show all dedicated to recycling, re-using, and the non-wasting of materials.

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Underground Distributing Networks of Plastic Tubing Now Programmatic Furniture

As art progresses and fashion surges forward, architecture is slowly burning its own path towards futuristic concepts and designs. Projects such as OnSite-00 (os00) that was started in 2002 with a furniture prototype and designers such as Sebastien Wierinck are clearing the road with incredible, green designs. They are using mass produced, plastic tubing to create programmatic furniture.

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Biodiesel is the Fuel of the Future Not the Alternative

We need alternatives to the fuel we consume so rapidly. We have alternatives to both gasoline and petroleum diesel in the forms of ethanol and biodiesel. We have the technology to make these products and we can gain the education needed to encourage the use of these products in a very short time so that everyone knows the benefits and is willing to make the change. Biodiesel can be derived from new or used ingredients. It is vegetable oil not alcohol.

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Green Goddess Restaurant: A New Way to Dine

Going green does not mean that every tiny detail has to be analyzed and evaluated, it can just mean that the environment is considered and that human health is a primary factor in all decisions. In restaurants the best sustainable attributes are natural ingredients and healthy surroundings. The Green Goddess in New Orleans, LA thrives on these two premises.

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Pentel Introduces Post Consumer Recycled Writing Tools for the Green Builders

The disposable writing industry has undergone significant changes in an era that now takes into account measures like green and sustainable performance. Part of the Pentel initiative with an environmental focus mandates using both recycled content and post-consumer recycled content in the products it manufactures. Company reports that all products in its Recycology line are made from a minimum of 50 percent recycled content

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Toshiba Ecore LED lamp

Toshiba Launches Dimmable LED Lamps for Commercial Use

Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) announced the release of its newest long-lasting, high quality, energy-efficient lamps primarily for commercial use. These newly updated LED lamps are designed to meet Energy Star standards and are currently undergoing testing for final certification.

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