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Tesla Already Boasts Numerous Triumphs In May

solar panels in field

Electric vehicle (EV) company Tesla is having a really, really solid month so far, and we’re not even half way into it.  With the EV industry reeling from grim news regarding Coda’s bankruptcy announcement and Fisker Automotive’s apparent demise, Tesla Motors is basking in a trifecta of great news stories that emerged from their camp….


solar panels in field

Global investments in clean energy are down for the second year in a row, but the U.S. Senate is supporting solar power.  The Senate introduced a bipartisan bill that allows for the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to be claimed by companies with solar projects under construction before the expiration date of December 31, 2016.  Under the…

Energy Theft Goes Global

solar panels in field

When you hear the phrase “electricity theft,” you may automatically picture places like India or Brazil where the number of power outages is astounding.   Unfortunately, electricity thieves can be found in nearly every country across the globe, including the U.S.  Whether it’s performing illegal hookups, tampering with meters, or stealing copper wire from substations, over $200 billion…