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EU Restricts Bee-Harming Insecticides

[repostus]European Union Restricts Bee-Harming Insecticides (via Environment News Service) BRUSSELS, Belgium, April 29, 2013 (ENS) – The European Commission will restrict the use of three neonicotinoid insecticides harmful to bees, imposing the world’s first continental ban on the popular chemicals. The proposal restricts the use of three neonicotinoids – clothianidin, imidacloprid…

April 30th

Reducing Waste of Food: Key Element in Feeding Billions More People

Families can be key players in a revolution needed to feed the world, and could save money by helping to cut food losses now occurring from field to fork to trash bin, an expert said here today. He described that often-invisible waste in food — 4 out of every 10 pounds produced in the United States alone — and the challenges of feeding a global population of 9 billion in a keynote talk at the 245th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society.

April 8th

Constructive Healing Through Soothing Environments

Studies show that gardens — both in and outside medical facilities — soothe patients. It isn’t much of a leap to see that gardens with walkways, benches and the gentle hum of falling water would have similar effects in other public facilities. However, medical research also shows that water features, especially indoors, must be properly constructed and […]

March 22nd

Well Water Contamination And Safe Drinking Conditions

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 15 million U.S. households regularly depend on private ground water wells. Although this water can be safe for the most part, minor maintenance neglect can result in major problems. If even just a small amount of polluted ground water is consumed, it could lead to […]

March 6th

New Urbanism: America’s 10 Most Walkable Cities

Rather than drive, think about walking more. A number of advocate groups celebrate a newfound urbanism developing throughout popular US cities. The following cities usher in a new-defined sense of urban living, enticing inhabitants to walk about more often.

February 8th

First Mobile App for Green Chemistry Fosters Sustainable Manufacturing of Medicines

Sean Ekins, Alex M. Clark and Antony Williams point out that the companies that manufacture medicines, electronics components and hundreds of other consumer products have a commitment to work in a sustainable fashion without damaging the environment. That’s the heart of “green chemistry,” often defined as “the utilization of a set of principles that reduces or eliminates the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products.”

January 31st

Product News: Controlling Road Dust On Commercial and Home Construction Sites

It’s happened to everyone. You’re walking down the street and see the “Pardon Our Dust” sign just as you’re enveloped in a dust cloud. It’s annoying sure, but that dust runoff causes far more problems than a slight inconvenience on your way to work. Dust pollution from commercial and home construction sites is a major environmental problem, and we need to do something to control it.

January 29th

It’s Time to Learn About Village Aquaponics

Here is a company providing a sustainable food producing system that more people in the world need to understand: aquaponics, the science of raising vegetables and fish in a closed re-circulating system. ECOLIFE is offering the ECO-Cycle aquaponics kit to all potential aquaponics gardeners for a reasonable price of $195.

January 29th

New Technology Could Revive Oceanic Dead Zones

In areas of oceans and lakes where aquatic life once thrived, scientists are now finding “dead zones” – low-oxygen areas choked with algal blooms. Most of the world eats fish a dietary staple. As dead zones grow larger, the demand for fish will increase and the supply available to those who need it most will […]

November 26th

Beijing Makes Changes To Fight Air Pollution

Beijing makes changes to fight air pollution For decades, air pollution has threatened the health of people in Beijing. Brown smog hangs over the city. The sun, when you can see it, is tinged a rusty brown, like looking at a flashlight through a piece of paper. City-dwellers wear surgical masks to protect their lungs […]

November 19th

Guest Post: Different Types of Harnesses to Prevent Falling Accidents

Safety is a topic that can never be covered enough. For all of those people who have stood at the top of an extension ladder, on a roof’s edge, or participated in setting floor joists or roof rafters, there is nothing quite like being armed with the right equipment in case of an accident. This is true whether you’re 6 feet off the ground, or 100 feet. Guest writer Eric Blair provides GBE with me useful information concerning safety harnesses and rigging.

November 12th

Guest Post: How to be Safe While Renovating a Home

Taking on a do-it-yourself home renovation can be a rewarding challenge, but it may also present unseen dangers. This is especially true of older homes that were constructed with materials that are considered to be health hazards today. The level of danger will be variable depending on how old the home is, but the homeowner should take every possible precaution to avoid or limit exposure to dangerous chemicals.

October 29th

Would You Eat Your Plant Pesticide?

The Harvard School of Public Health has even found a direct correlation between pesticide exposure and Parkinson’s Disease1. If exposure to traditional pesticides has been found to cause serious disease, why would you want to eat fruits and vegetables that are sprayed with it?

October 17th