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Green Materials Report – Air Cleaning Drywall

This post is part of the Green Materials Report series.  GBE is providing information on various building materials and what makes them green.  Each post focuses on one material.  We will be looking at the ingredients in the material, how it is used, what makes it green, and any green product certifications that it has earned.  We […]

August 24th

All About Container Clinics

Shipping containers can offer a multitude of uses. One of these uses is a shipping container clinic – a type of architecture that makes use of the containers as medical clinics that can be set up and shipped off to remote regions of the world. Shipping containers are strong, durable, relatively low cost and widely […]

August 19th

Plastics Advances: CO2 Sponge Could Reduce Fossil Fuel Emissions

This presentation pertaining to a CO2 sponge is one of some 12,000 at the 248th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). If any part of this comes to a greater reality in mitigating climate change, this one particularly piques our interest. Read this press announcement from AAAS EurekAlert. A sponge-like plastic […]

August 11th

Many Doctors Unaware of Effects of Buildings on Health

The critical connection between a healthy building environment and patient health is often missed by the one group of professionals who may matter most – physicians, according to a new SmartMarket report by McGraw Hill Construction, sponsored by the American Institute of Architects and United Technologies.  The survey results were announced last week at the opening […]

June 30th

WELL Building Standard Measures Health of Buildings

Humans spend almost 90% of our time indoors.  Green building certification programs address the health of our indoor environments by eliminating chemicals in products installed indoors and increasing ventilation and filtration requirements.  A new standard looks to take this one step further, directly addressing the impact of building interiors on human health. The WELL Building […]

June 2nd

Should You Wear Sunblock Indoors?

According to experts at the International Window Film Association (IWFA), the answer is yes, if your windows aren’t properly tinted.  Untinted windows allow dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays to pass through to occupants in cars and buildings. “If you’re sitting next to a window with sunlight streaming in, you’re at risk for UV damage to your […]

May 8th

Alarming CO2 Increase

We don’t write that much about CO2 and its impact on the planet but this news report is absolutely alarming. Sadly this is a global problem — yes, problem — that will not correct itself without some well-considered and far-reaching action steps. Each person, each business, each government must make a commitment to seek balance […]

May 2nd

What Are Health Product Declarations?

Health product declarations (HPDs) provide a full disclosure of the potential chemicals of concern in products by comparing product ingredients to a wide variety of “hazard” lists published by government authorities and scientific associations.  The goal of an HPD is to inform consumers about the types of chemicals that are in the products they install in […]

April 30th

Ron Finley Proves Food Forest Concept on Vacant Land

This inspiring TED presentation by Ron Finley about planting a food forest in front of his house in South-Central LA — home to many food deserts — has been around for some time. With planting season here, this video is still very much worth seeing and sharing with anybody interested in green building. Ron Finley: […]

April 21st

Pressure-Treated Lumber: Safest Options

Those who have built retaining walls or raised garden beds over the past few years may have used pressure-treated 4 ‘ to 8″ wood immersed with CCA, or copper chromium arsenate. A growing number of people have charged that this product, containing inorganic arsenic, can be toxic to people, pets, and even food grown in […]

April 7th

Prototype Transitional Housing in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city, like many others, that is facing huge population and industrial growth but does not have housing enough to meet all those needs. There are more than 280,000 individuals living in Hong Kong that are without permanent forms of housing and they resort to building and residing in illegal temporary structures […]

March 14th

Can a Bubble Protect Beijing?

There was a silly movie called Bubble Boy that was released in 2001. It was about a boy who did not have an immune system so he lived his life in a bubble. Can places adapt this same bubble-like existence to create a safe, sterile environment? What does this have to do with today’s world? […]

March 5th

MIT researchers make a water filter from the sapwood in tree branches

Congratulations to Rohit Karnik and his MIT research team for addressing one of the major issues for much of the world’s population: the availability of bacteria-safe drinking water with a low-cost and low-tech solution. Group shows xylem tissue in sapwood can filter bacteria from contaminated water If you’ve run out of drinking water during a […]

February 27th