Eco classroom at Benenden School

Eco Classroom Gets Drinking Water From Green Roof

This 230 square foot eco classroom, built in the trees at the Benenden School in Kent, United Kingdom, is in demand from students and faculty alike because of its view and its interesting construction.  Built by treehouse builders Blue Forest, the classroom is completely self-sufficient, using solar power for electricity and water harvested from its green roof. Rainwater falls on the sedum (rock flowers) green roof, is collected, and then run through six reverse osmosis filters and a UV light…

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Garage After Tiny House

Tiny House Built in a Garage Has French Style

You won’t believe this “tiny house” living space was built into a single-car garage, but it’s true!  The French “home” owner hasn’t told the City, however, so- if you happen to know where this house is- try to keep it on the down-low. The owner couldn’t afford an apartment in the city, so he purchased a dilapidated garage full of old junk and turned it into a beautiful, tiny house-style living space.  With the help of an architect friend who…

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Green Building With Renewable Rice Straw

For every ton of rice that is grown, 500 lbs of rice husks and straw are created. Typically, those husks and straw are burned as waste. But two innovations on opposite sides of the world are changing that. In India, 16-year-old Bisman Deu saw all those rice husks being burned and wondered whether they couldn’t be put to better use. So she started experimenting in the family kitchen and came up with a material she calls Green Wood. Her creation is…

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Prefab Construction Promotes Energy Efficiency

Alexander Kolbe, co-owner of ecoDOMUS, an architectural firm that specializes in prefab construction to build green homes that are highly energy efficient, says that, “Given the choice of spending a sizable sum of money for a home that consumes energy at an alarming rate, or spending slightly more initially to benefit from substantially lower utility costs, and thereby helping to conserving our planet’s limited supply of fossil fuels, we at evoDOMUS believe that the latter can prevail … the key…

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