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Energy Innovation: SolarWindow Generates Electricity on Glass

We have received the following press information from New Energy Technologies. concerning an update on the unveiling of their largest SolarWindow prototype now manufactured. According to a New Energy spokesperson, the device is “something we like to call a vertical power generator on any glass surface.” Imagine the ability to look out at the yard, […]

March 26th

Green Prefab Homes: Introduction

Prefabricated homes, or kit homes, have been on the homebuilding scene for a long time. But now there are green prefabs. The basic ideas behind using a kit are fairly simple: Reduce design cost Reduce materials cost Eliminate the amount of construction waste Shortened construction time Design simplification Fixed costs, reduced surprises Add green or […]

March 24th

Microarchitecture: Lightweight Construction Materials of Highest Stability

Lightweight construction materials modeled on nature; high stability at low density; ceramic microstructures produced by 3-D laser writing Researchers at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have developed microstructured lightweight construction materials that show extremely high stability. The density of this material is said to be below that of water, yet their stability relative to weight […]

March 24th

ASU & AORA Solar Forge Research Partnership on Tempe Campus

I had the pleasure of seeing AORA Solar and its CSP Tulip system two years ago when it was unveiled in Almeria, Spain. I have been waiting for the day when this exciting renewable energy platform might be tested in the United States. In an interview, CEO Zev Rosenzweig told me the company wanted to test […]

March 19th

Air Conditioning Alternatives: Thermally Driven Cooling Systems

Cooling in the heat of summer can be a daunting challenge in congested urban areas. Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE in Freiburg have been working on innovative sorbents that can store a particularly large amount of water vapor that can be used for cooling purposes. This research information released today […]

March 19th

Guest Post: Three Game-Changing Building & Construction Innovations in 2014

Guest writer Michael Craig provides GBE readers with this glimpse of important construction and building innovations he is looking at this year. Radical advancements that will significantly impact building and construction concerns in 2014 and beyond By Michael Craig With the construction industry on the upswing, with 2013 construction starts on the whole advancing 6% […]

March 18th

Orchid House’s Solar House Primer

If you have not heard about Orchid House in Taiwan, now is the time. Problem: Limited Land & Population Growth Orchid House writes: “We would like to talk about the possible development of our solar house to a new type of Taiwanese social housing system. At the present moment, Taiwan’s social housing situation is in […]

March 18th

PublishPlug-In Solar Panel Kit That Is Truly DIY

Anytime I hear phrases like plug-in and DIY when it comes to renewable energy, I get very excited. I’m always looking for methods to pass on to readers that can reduce the investment in solar power without sacrificing performance. Thanks should be sent to Zachary and the folks at CleanTechnica. [repostus]Plug-In Solar Panel Kit That […]

March 14th

Emerson LA Grand Opening

A week-long series of events—starting with a ticketed gala on Saturday, March 8—will celebrate the grand opening of Emerson Los Angeles (ELA), a spectacular new academic and residential facility that will enable the College to significantly expand its contribution to the city and to the entertainment and communication industries. Guests scheduled to attend the gala include […]

March 12th

NREL examines solar policy pathways for states

The following report from NREL concerning issues in state solar energy policies should prove timely and useful to those involved with commercial and residential renewable energy products. The Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has published a report that aligns solar policy and market success with state demographics. By organizing the 48 contiguous states […]

March 12th

Vepica’s New Headquarters Awarded First LEED Certification in Venezuela

It is exciting to learn of companies like Vepica taking leadership roles in the quest for sustainability and a cleaner planet. Vepica’s new offices in Caracas, Venezuela, were recently awarded LEED Silver Certification for its new headquarters, featuring the largest solar panel installation in the country. Vepica, a leading global energy-industry engineering company and ENR Top 225 […]

March 5th

Can a Bubble Protect Beijing?

There was a silly movie called Bubble Boy that was released in 2001. It was about a boy who did not have an immune system so he lived his life in a bubble. Can places adapt this same bubble-like existence to create a safe, sterile environment? What does this have to do with today’s world? […]

March 5th

Guest Post: 7 Benefits of Using LED Bulbs

As compared to traditional lighting, light emitting diodes (LEDs) have been getting a lot of publicity for the benefits and advantages as far as energy efficiency goes. LED lighting is by far smartest solution as well as the most power saving compared to other illumination methods available in the industry. The LED revolution is a […]

February 12th

Guest Post: Green Construction Trends

The Green movement has reached the construction trade. From affordable public housing that has adopted green construction methods — such as ergonomically designed furniture in common areas and the use of sustainable, renewable building materials — to the use of green building standards throughout the country, construction companies are embracing the opportunity to construct eco-friendly […]

February 12th