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LEED vs Green Globes Round 2: Certification Costs

A press release from the Green Building Initiative announces the results of an independent study, funded by GBI, comparing the costs for certifying the same building under Green Globes and LEED. Green Globes Certification is Less Expensive to Achieve than LEED, On Same Project, Drexel University Study Reveals Portland, OR – May 13, 2014 – […]

June 5th

New Energy See-Through SolarWindow Sets New Record for Generating Electricity

Appealing see-through SolarWindow may impact new LEED-targeted designs See-through windows that generate electricity are starting to attract expanded interest. New Energy Technologies, a developer of see-through SolarWindowT coatings, has announced that its technology has set a new record for generating electricity while remaining see-through with over 50% greater power than prior attempts publicized by others. […]

May 11th

Guest Post: The Trend of Sustainability & Businesses Creating an Impact

I would like to thank Kenny Myers for this guest contribution about the trend toward sustainability. – GM According to some so-called experts, green building and sustainable technologies are nothing more than a fad and fossil fuels will undoubtedly make a return. However, it’s hard to believe that rhetoric when so many businesses and homeowners are […]

April 28th

Green Roof Slated for Barclays Center in Brooklyn

Instead of more hot black roofs radiating excessive heat upward, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn will add another green roof to the urban palette. This  endeavor will be overseen by Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC) and Shanghai-based Greenland Group Co. (Greenland). The two companies jointly announced they will install a green roof on Barclays Center in Brooklyn, […]

April 14th

New Prefab Book of Note: Prefabulous World

As we have been writing a series about green prefab homes, the timing could be no better for the release of “Prefabulous World – Energy Efficient and Sustainable Homes Around the Globe,” a new book by Sheri Koones. As we have been writing a series about green prefab homes, the timing could be no better for […]

April 14th

AIA Top 10 Housing Awards – Part II

AIA Top 10 Continues – Multifamily Housing & Specialized Housing The American Institute of Architects has selected 10 top new American homes for the 2014 Housing Awards. Yesterday we focused on single-family homes. Today the awards we feature the multifamily and specialized housing categories. These brief descriptions from AIA provide a view of the projects. […]

April 11th

AIA Top 10 New Homes – Part I

The American Institute of Architects has selected 10 top new American homes for the 2014 Housing Awards. According to AIA, ” The AIA’s Housing Awards program, now in its 14th year, was established to recognize the best in housing design and promote the importance of good housing as a necessity of life, a sanctuary for the […]

April 10th

School for Solar Announced by CBD Energy Limited

In an exciting new project, diversified renewable energy company, CBD Energy Limited is investing in the development and installation of a programme of solar projects across the UK, through its wholly owned UK subsidiary, Secured Energy Bonds plc (SEB).  SEB plans to install solar panels for a number of UK businesses (at no cost to […]

April 4th

eLab Accelerator: Kickstarting Energy Innovation Districts (Part 1)

[repostus]eLab Accelerator: Kickstarting Energy Innovation Districts (Part 1) (via Clean Technica) Originally published on Rocky Mountain Institute. By Rebecca Cole. This week, RMI kicks off eLab Accelerator, our bootcamp for electricity innovation. More than 100 participants from across the country are rolling up their sleeves to make rapid and…

April 4th

Smart Books for Builders: “Making Better Buildings”

“Making Better Buildings” by Chris Magwood is a smart and user-friendly book for green builders Ask a builder, architect, or contractor to look at the Table of Contents this guide to sustainable construction and they will feel confident in having a book like this on hand.  This guide to sustainable construction for homeowners and contractors […]

April 4th

LPL Financial Opens San Diego Net-Zero Energy Office Tower

LPL Financial today announced the opening of its new net-zero energy San Diego headquarters, Tower II at La Jolla Commons. The company reports this facility is the largest net-zero energy commercial office building in the U.S. The 13-story, 415,000-square-foot office tower demonstrates a company commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, incorporating sophisticated available green technologies, […]

April 2nd

Green Prefab Homes – Part II: BioSIPs

This is the second part of our series on green prefabricated homes, and this time we are writing about structurally integrated panels, SIPs and BioSIPs. Of most interest to use from a green and sustainability perspective are BioSIPs., as you will soon discover. Not enough people have an understanding of structural integrated panels (SIPs). Even […]

March 31st

Park Passive House / NK Architects

This is an eye-turning passive house design, thanks to the design from Marie Ljubojevic and Lauren McCunney at NK Architects. Of note, this home uses 75 to 80 percent less energy than homes built to current code standards. Read words from the architects below this photograph. From the architect. Park Passive is Seattle’s first certified Passive […]

March 31st

Guest Post: Living Green in Your Log Home

Log homes are great examples of sustainable homes. The wood used to build the home, when properly managed, can be grown again. The abundance of beetle-killed pine, coupled with potential fire dangers, make log homes a good option for building materials. And who isn’t drawn in by the beauty of a log home. This guest […]

March 31st