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Recycling Styrofoam: From Impossible to Finding Resources

For recycling evangelists like myself, one company that specializes in manufacturing a variety of foam products does provide an appealing recycling option for Styrofoam packaging materials that haven’t been touched with food, oils or dirt. The company, ACH Foam Technologies is based in Denver and has operations in six additional states: NV, UT, KS, MO, WI and GA.

March 6th

Cross-Laminated Timber Symposium in Seattle

Follows the Seattle Wood Solutions Fair Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) Symposium What: The Wood Products Council’s WoodWorks program will host the first-ever US Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Symposium February 27-28, 2013 in Seattle. CLT is now available in North America and has the potential to significantly change how wood is used across the building landscape. Attendees […]

February 26th

Is Your Oversized Furnace Wasting Your Money?

An oversized furnace is a very wasteful shortcut taken by many LEED homebuilders and HVAC service providers. The result is that many unsuspecting homeowners are straddled with an appliance that overly dries their indoor air, wastes copious energy, and sends a lot of money right up the chimney. When it comes to heating appliances, bigger […]

December 18th

Hyatt at Olive 8 Receives LEED Silver, Gold Green Seal and Green Key Eco-Rating

LEED is discussed a lot in sustainable ratings of buildings but there are other certifications that buildings can achieve and theses certificates and ratings are achieved through many different measurements. Many buildings are discussed with new technologies like vertical gardens and a sustainable winery. These are just a few examples of other organizations that rank sustainability: […]

December 7th

Why You Need An Energy Audit

You need to have an energy audit performed on your home so it functions more with LEED efficiency. As a green home consultant, there are preciously few definitive pieces of advice that I can give all-comers. It seems that I am always qualifying any advice on home upgrades–telling the homeowner that the right choice depends […]

October 19th

Energy-Efficient Prototype Home Can Power Itself

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, a branch of the United States Commerce Department, has a new project. They recently showed off their new facility, built to resemble a house, which is expected to create enough energy to power itself over the course of a year. NIST intends to show that an average home […]

September 26th

Green Building: The Game

The policies, while all based in real life, are only a minor part of the game of GBO Hawaii, where players can invest in green businesses across the state of Hawaii in order to help the state become more sustainable. Hawaii currently imports 90% of its food and burns imported oil for about 90% of its electricity, and state planners are desperately trying to change all that before oil prices get *really* out of control.

September 21st

Chidley North Hall’s Green Design Receives Gold

LEED certification is a guiding accredited program that encourages buildings to be more environmentally friendly, through design, materials and future energy consumptions. Right now it is a driving force for the way many buildings are being designed and even the way that they are constructed including the recycling practices that happen while being built and […]

August 23rd

Today’s Architectural Style; Lead by Sun Light & Power

Sun Light & Power has been in the sustainable business of providing solar solutions for commercial and residential projects since 1976. They work with both solar electric (Photovoltaic or PV) and solar thermal (hot water and pool heating) applications. Plus they offer a custom system for each individual site, power requirements and budgets.

August 17th

Going Green in the U.S.: Three Groundbreaking Eco-Friendly Buildings

As people become more concerned about the state of the environment, all industries are making efforts to go green. Though progress has been made across the board, architecture is an industry that has enjoyed significant success. All over the world, cities are building eco-friendly structures and renovating their existing buildings in order to lessen the […]

July 26th

Letter on Plastics Industry & LEED Standards

For those wanting to remain informed about plastics in today’s world, we received this note today from Scott Cooney concerning plastics industry and LEED: Hey guys, Thought you might be interested in this: GreenBiz The American Chemistry Council is at it again. Cheers, Scott Photo: nist6ss

July 19th

Kohl’s Department Stores Powers Up Solar Initiative with 30 New Locations in 2012

Kohl’s Department Stores today announced that the company will expand its solar program by nearly 25 percent in 2012, installing solar panels at approximately 30 additional Kohl’s locations. While some of the new solar sites will be in states such as California, Connecticut and Maryland where Kohl’s already has a solar presence, additional sites will be located in new solar states for Kohl’s, including Massachusetts, New York and Ohio.

June 22nd